Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Tiny Tuesday - Friendship

I wanted more than anything to just collapse this evening after dinner, but I knew it wouldn't take long to finish of the Midget Block that I started last week.  This one is called Friendship and it is paper pieced in 6 sections with 31 pieces. 
Even though school is busy these days, I'm still trying to do a tiny bit of sewing during the week.  I'm starting to get the hang of teaching 6 classes.  I think the key is being organized enough to take advantage of all the spare moments when the kids are doing other things.  Yesterday they worked on a concept map long enough for me to calculate some test grades and today they were working in the computer lab while I posted grades.  Most of my classes are really well behaved this year which helps a lot.  The school board talking about rezoning again, this time for the high schools, it makes me glad all over again that I get to take the kids to school with me when they get old enough. 


Lynne said...

A very cute block!

My guess is that you are a very organised person.

vtquilter said...

Love that little block. Can't wait to join back in on these midget blocks. Visitors for another day and then I can start sewing again on Friday or Saturday!

april said...

Love it! Very sweet.