Saturday, July 20, 2019

ScrapHappy Saturday

There was a wedding on the beach this week.  I enjoyed sitting on the deck and watching.  Usually couples just come to take photos on the beach and get married somewhere else.  This couple seemed to have the entire ceremony on the beach.   So sweet.
As far as pink scraps, I gifted this pink baby quilt for a dad at my husbands office who just had a baby girl.  I'm out of baby quilts now.  I try to keep one for each gender on hand just in case.  One of my coworkers had a baby boy earlier this year though, so I'd better think about replenishing the supplies.  

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Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Tiny Tuesday - Tiny Piglet

Sally Trude has designed another adorable animal block this week.  Wow is it tiny!
Link to Tiny Piglet block.  Don't worry too much though, it is all squares and rectangles.  Tiny squares and rectangles. 

Just in case that is too scary though, there are some friendlier fish to try as well.  Please set these straight.  They don't want to get dizzy!  Thanks so much Sally for your creativity and adorable designs.  

Saturday, July 13, 2019

ScrapHappy Saturday - Hot Pink

Thoughts and prayers for quilters in New Orleans right now. Hurricane season is just beginning.

I got a little sewing area set up in the family room.  Plenty of space to start playing with some pink scraps.  So far I haven't accomplished much, but it sure feels good to putter.  I've also been working on refinishing the stairs now that the half bath has been painted.  It is a long list, but everything is pretty livable right now, so we can just work slowly on the list over time.  Initially I thought I would have more done before summer ended, but there honestly have not been that many days at home yet.  I was at a training class for most of last week.  Ryan is getting his wisdom teeth out next week.  It is great to be able to have time in between all of that though.  Summer is a good thing for teachers. 
I hope that all of your pink plans are coming out nicely.  Looking forward to seeing what everyone has been working on. 
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Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Tiny Tuesday - Bear's Paw

Pink seems so cheerful right now.  I just can't get enough of it.  Paired with simple, classic blocks, it is hard to go wrong. 
This week is a Bear's Paw block.  Definitely a simple classic. 
 You will need two squares along with 4 HST units.  Feel free to use the method of  your choice for the half square triangles.  The unfinished size is 2 inches and they will be 1.5 in the finished block.  I'll be showing the two squares method today, but there are lots of ways to make HST units. 
From pink: 1 large square 3.5 inches and two medium squares 2.5 inches
From background: 2 medium squares 2.5 inches and 1 small square 2 inches

(These directions are for slightly over-sized HST triangle units which will be trimmed to 2 inches, the "official" rule says to add 7/8 of an inch to your desired finished size to make an exact size with no trimming required.  I would personally rather trim a tiny bit and use a standard sized square, but if you would rather use and exact size, that should make the medium square 2 and 3/8 of an inch each I believe)
 Pair each 2.5 inch pink square with a background square.  Use a pencil to draw a line from corner to corner along the diagonal of each background square. 
 Sew a quarter of an inch from the drawn line on either side of both squares.  Cut along the drawn line and press so that the seam allowance goes toward the dark fabric.  Trim each of your four HST units to 2 inches. 
 Here is your layout.  The large square forms the sole of the bear's paw.  Each HST makes up one toe.  Notice that the pink portions are all adjacent and the diagonal seams all run parallel.  Use the small square of background to fill in the final corner. 
 Sew each pair of HST units together.  Be careful with the orientation as it is easy to rotate them accidentally.  Note that the two sides are not facing the same way. 
 Sew two toes to one side and then sew the background square to the end of the other two toes.  Press the seams toward to sole and away from the toes so that the seams nestle. 
There you go!  Just press the final seam toward the sole of the bears paw and your final block should be 5 inches.  Set in on the diagonal so that it looks like the bear is walking up your quilt.  

Saturday, July 6, 2019

Scraphappy Saturday

I've decided to take over the family room and set up my sewing machine there for the weekend.  Sharing space with Anna isn't quite working out, and I really want to dig into my pink scraps.  I've been working really hard on the new house and I could sure use a little sewing break.  Can't wait!  I hope your pink scraps are off to a great start.  Hopefully those of us in the US had a nice long holiday weekend to enjoy a bit of extra sewing time. 
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Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Tiny Tuesday

 Libby in Tennessee let me know that she had a block for Tiny Tuesday.  Perfect timing as I am not quite all set up for sewing quite yet.  There is nothing stopping me at this point, I just haven't quite shifted gears yet from remodeling and unpacking. 

I have seen a lot of sunrises since we moved, and a rocket launch this morning.  I even have this week off of work!  It seems like all the weeks of summer should be off for teachers, but it never seems to work out quite that way. I think that I can whip up a quick block though.  It looks like it should be super speedy

Monday, July 1, 2019

July is Pink

I'm tickled that July is pink this year.  Looking forward to a bit of girly fun this month. 

Saturday, June 29, 2019

ScrapHappy Saturday

We are spending time each morning enjoying the sunrise.  Not a bad way to start the day!  Yesterday was the closing day on our old house, so lots of emotions there.  We didn't know anything about the new people, and worried it would be retired snowbirds with no kids.  Instead it was a young family with 4 kids.  She saw the house yesterday before the closing for the first time in person and just loved everything about it.  The kids all have their rooms picked out and can't wait to use the pool.  So that is done, now we can settle in and make the new place our own at a leisurely pace.  There will be a new color this week.  Looking forward to getting in some more blue before the change though. 
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Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Monkey Wrench

I have a plan laid out for a Monkey Wrench block this week.  I was going to get to it earlier, but I'm still waiting for everything to settle down.  I've managed to find all the essentials after the move.  Socks, underwear, toothpaste....  Things are still finding permanent homes, and I'm sure there will be a bit of rearranging as we figure out how to organize everything.  I'm working half days at school this week so I can't quite dig in and devote an entire day to anything.  It will all get done in time though.  For now everything is livable enough.  I'm sharing my sewing space with Anna for now, so she is going to let me move in for a few minutes and get everything sewn up.  Fortunately, tiny blocks don't take up much time at all, so I won't disrupt her for long.  I'll be back shortly with all the details and some step by steps.
 There are many options for making half square triangles.  I'm usually a fan of the easy angle ruler, but tonight I thought that cutting squares might be easier.  The finished sub-units will be 1.75 inches.  The official rule says that you should add 7/8 of an inch to that measurement for cutting size. I tend to cut in even sizes and square up later, so I cut mine to 3 inches instead.
2 squares of blue fabric 2 5/8 inches
2 squares of background fabric 2 5/8 inches
one strip of blue fabric 1 3/8 inches by at least 6 inches
one strip of background fabric 1 3/8 inches by at least 6 inches
one square (not pictured) of background fabric 1.5 inches

 Draw a line down the center of each square of background fabric.  Place each square right sides together with a blue square.
 Sew a quarter of inch on either side of this drawn line for both squares.  At the same time, place your two strips right sides together and sew them together as well.
 Cut on your drawn line to separate your half square triangle blocks from one another.  Each set will yield to half square triangles.  If you cut yours over-sized like I did, trim them up to 2 1/4 inches square.
 While you are at the ironing board, pres your strip set open with the seam facing the dark fabric.  From this set, you will cut 4 pieces which are each 1.5 inches each.
 From this point you are just making a nine patch.  Arrange the HST units in the corners with the dark fabric pointing toward the center.  Place the 1.5 inch units along the edges with the dark fabric pointing toward the center.  The final piece is the 1.5 inch square of background fabric.
 Now it is just a matter of sewing these pieces together as you would any nine patch.  I like to fold the second row over the first and chain stitch by columns.  You could also sew it into rows instead and then sew the rows together.
Press the seams away from the HST units and you are all set.  That didn't take long at all!

Saturday, June 22, 2019

ScrapHappy Saturday

I am home again!  Last week I spent in Kansas City grading essays for AP Biology.  It was a long week, and it feels so good to come home again.  Home is a relative term these days.  Last night was our first official night as a family in the new house.  I even made dinner!  It was a frozen lasagna, but still, we ate at a table as a family.  Today we will clear the last debris out of the old house.  Then there will be plenty of time to get settled into the new place.  And to sew.  I sincerely hope that there will be time to sew.  

First though, I think I'll sit here for a few more minutes and wait for the sun to peek up over the horizon.  It should be here any minute.

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Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Tiny Tuesday #25 - Basket Block

 First print out the template for the basket block from the PDF pattern
 You may either print the template on regular paper and then copy it onto freezer paper, or if you are industrious, you can run the freezer paper through your printer and save a step.
 Iron the freezer paper onto your blue fabric and trim, leaving a quarter inch seam allowance.  You can no use the applique method of your choice to prepare the basket and handle.
 Sew the prepared applique pieces onto a square of background fabric just slightly larger than 5 inches.

This block is meant to be set straight in the finished quilt.  A PDF file is available.

Saturday, June 15, 2019

scrap happy saturday - out of town

Angela is out of town for the weekend.  This is Angela's husband so I am posting scrap happy Saturday.

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Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Tiny Tuesday #24 - Block with no name

Cynthia Bruinz is our guest designer this week.  She has designed this adorable little block with no name.  Perhaps you have a suggestion?
This block should be set on the diagonal in the finished quilt.  

Sunday, June 9, 2019

Grandmother's Fan

I finally finished LAST Tuesday's block!   Sorry to be so very late!   There is a PDF file as well.  This week we are having a guest designer!  I'll schedule that next as I'm going to be out of town all week grading AP Biology essays.  I'm really looking forward to having  break from all of the manual labor going on around here.

Saturday, June 8, 2019

ScrapHappy Saturday

I am getting so much closer to being fully functional in the sewing department!  I've got the basic necessities set up.  As for the rest, the official movers are coming next Thursday.

We got a bit carried away with the refinishing of floors after I experimented a bit and realized I could lay down a new layer of polyurethane without completely removing the old.  So here is the master bedroom with newly shiny floors.
Here is the family room which was just finishes yesterday.  Now we need to try not walking on the floors too much until the movers show up next week.  We decided NOT to do the floors in my sewing room yet, so that is where I am sure to be spending some time today. 
I've got a Grandmother's Fan to make. 

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Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Tiny Tuesday #23 - Grandmother's Fan

I am working on a block for Tiny Tuesday, but it isn't quite done yet.  I have a template ready, but need in progress pictures and more detailed instructions.  I'll be able to work on it in the morning when I can get back to my machine again.  I actually went back to the new house this evening expecting to have some sewing time, but the smell of fresh polyurethane had me laying down the next coat and heading back to the old house again.  The freshly finished floors are so shiny!  I'll take pictures tomorrow.  We are doing it in phases so that we can still get things done in other rooms while the fresh floors have a chance to cure fully.
While all of that is happening, I'll also go back and revisit directions for last week's block as sadly, I was informed it was a quarter inch too small.  Also the number of background squares was off.  I'll get those fixed so that everything turns out as it should.  Thanks so much to everyone who is proofreading for me and letting me know when my math is off.  It is a bit of a crazy time right now, but I see sewing in my future. Our two houses will be merged fully within the next couple of weeks and the old house will be someone else's new house before the end of the month.
 Link to block directions so far.  

Print out the template from the google document provided.  
Cut out the template and gather 8 scraps of dark blue fabric.  
 Find a scrap of blue fabric large enough to entirely cover one fan blade the fabric goes on the back side of the template.
 To make sure the fabric is positioned correctly, center the fabric over the center wedge and temporarily pin it in place.  By holding it up to a sunny window or a light source, you can see the fabric through the template.
 fold the template back on the top edge of the center wedge, creasing along the line.
 With the template folded back, trim the excess fabric so that a quarter inch seam allowance remains
 Place the next wedge, right sides together and sew along the line that you just creased.  Repeat this procedure along the other side of the center wedge.  The advantage of sewing to either side instead of starting at one end and working down is that you can sew two wedges at a time before going to the ironing board to press.
Continue folding and trimming before each new wedge is added.  
 When all 8 fan blades are sewn, you will have something that looks like this.  Trim the curved edge, leaving a quarter inch seam allowance.  Feel free to leave a tiny bit extra on the outside edges.  Turn the curved edge under to prepare for applique.  You can do needle turn, back baste or use the applique method of your choice.  I think I mentioned that I'm a freezer paper fan.

Place this fan on top of a square that is just slightly larger than 5 inches.  I like a little bit of wiggle room in my applique blocks so that I can square them all up later in case the edges get frayed.  I tend to carry prepped applique blocks along with me, so they can get a little wrinkled along the way.
Prepare a smaller quarter circle from the template and applique it on top of the fan blades.  You could also just trim this edge with a quarter in seam allowance just like the outside edge, I just thought the dimensional effect would be nicer if the center was visually on top.  
In case you don't like applique, you can also use curved piecing to sew the three pieces together.  I have been known to do curved piecing from time to time, but maybe not on this scale.  The choice is yours!
This block will be set straight in the finished quilt.

Here is a link to the PDF version

Saturday, June 1, 2019

ScrapHappy Saturday

Say good bye to orange!  It is time to start tackling blue.

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Friday, May 31, 2019

Cusp of a New Month

It is almost June.  I hope you have managed to make a dent in your orange scraps.  Start to think about tucking them away so that you can make room for the blue bin!  Blue is a big color, so it is going to get 2 months.  Start with the dark and navy blues this month and save the brights and lights for later.  

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Tiny Tuesday #22 - Monarch

I was covering for another teacher this morning so that she could go to her daughter's 6th grade graduation.  While I was watching her middle schoolers taking their final exam, I started sketching out some plans for a monarch butterfly block.  I went through several iterations before settling on a simple flip and sew four patch variation.   
You will need to cut: 
From orange (wings):
2 rectangles each 3 by 2.5
2 squares each 2.5 by 2.5
From black (body and wingtips):
1 rectangle 1 inch by 3.5 inches
4 squares 1.5 inches (the photo only shows 2, but you will actually need 4)
From background fabric:
1 inch square
1 inch by 1.5 inch rectangle
2 squares -  1.5 inches
4 squares - 1.75 inches

Draw a diagonal line across the hypotenuse of each of the background squares except the one inch baby square.  Also draw a diagonal line on the black wingtip squares.  
Next, take large orange rectangles and arrange them so the long side is running vertically,  and place the wing tips on each outside corner along the top edge.  Sew along the drawn line.

Take the squares and place the 1.5 inch squares on the inside bottom edges.  Sew along the drawn line. 
In case you have trouble with flip and sew triangles, I can recommend leaving the background square in tact, at least until you are sure that the edges line up.  Just use the orange square as your  master sizing guide and trim away any extra of black or white that extends past the orange.
Make sure the squares are all lined up so that the widths of the smaller and larger rectangles are the same.  Finger press the squares open.  I like to make sure that the edges of the squares line up before  I trim away the excess fabric behind the "sew and flip" triangles.
Repeat the sewing and flipping with each of the orange rectangles on the outside middle edge.
The last triangles will go on the top in the middle.
Now sew the two remaining background sections to the top and bottom of the body.  Press toward the black body section.
Almost there.  This is where it would be great to give everything a good press before you start sewing the sections together.  I wasn't able to find an iron today, so I had to skip that part.
Sew the top and bottom wings together, trying to alternate the seams where the outside edges of the wings meet.
Place the body in the middle and sew one wing to either side.  This is where everything would work out perfectly with a nice press.  I'm sure my iron will turn up any day.