Wednesday, July 27, 2011


I head back to school next Wednesday and the kids will be back one week after that. This week has been for getting ready and trying to finish off the loose ends that have been left dangling. Doctors and errands and shopping, so much scurrying around!
After an afternoon of sorting through the school supplies we already had on hand, I was left to wonder why we needed to buy anything at all.  We seem to have plenty of crayons, markers and pencils to supply an entire classroom!  Still, we took our list and checked things off, making sure everyone had what was required.  They each picked out a first day outfit and we supplemented supplies of necessities like socks and underwear.  Anna couldn't remember the last time she needed socks, they just don't go with flip flops!
I spent an evening using glue to connect the corners on the bow-ties for Bonnie's challenge.  I don't like pins on leaders and enders but have been known to drop the entire basket after getting all the pairs matched up.  I only used a dab of glue stick on the outside corner which is going to be trimmed away after ironing anyway.  It seems to be working well so far and about a dozen finished blocks have already come out the other end. 
I also got some fabric goodies in the mail. While I was in Georgia with Mom I put in an order to Connecting Threads. I focused on blues, browns and backgrounds. The blues and browns are for RRCB (which I seriously need to get back to) and the backgrounds are just to try to replenish my stock.  I also got a few spools of thread for the quilting machine. 


Andee said...

I like this glue on the corners idea! Hmmm, might be copynig!

Lynne said...

Going back to school already? I though you had August off in the States?

In Australia, most schools have uniforms. Expensive maybe; but at least everyone knows what they are going to wear five days a week! And there's no one-upmanship possible!

Betty Lou said...

Seems like the school vacation gets shorter and shorter and the summers get hotter and hotter. Our kids go back the 22nd.

Ann Marie @ 16 Muddy Feet said...

Wow school already! I forgot about those days now that they are both in college. Wow that makes me sound reallllly old!! LOL!! RRCB, you can do it!!I am working on mine still too, but it is nearing the end now that those everlasting strings are done, and all 600 HST's are sewn too, Just need to iron them all and start sewing them together and on to the blocks.

Amanda said...

It only seems a few weeks ago that you broke up, and now you're going back to school. Our children only broke up last Friday, so don't go back until early September. Like Lynne, I was always thankful that UK schools mostly have uniforms, it made life much easier.

Amy said...

Hmmm....after reading Lynne's and Amanda's comments, I can only say that I WISH we had school uniforms!!! I agree with Lynne 100%---it would take away a good amount of the "drama" created by material-goods. BUT...I think the US has a loooooong way to go before we reach that; at least for Public schools.

Anyway---sidetracked there.
Next! As I wrote on my blog; it feels like the summer just started!
Socks and undies are probably on my list soon too, but thankfully we have nearly another month before needing to head back.

Oooooo....those fabrics are LOVELY! I've found the ConnectingThreads fabric is "different," but I'm overall pleased with it. The weave is.......well......"different" as compared to some quilt store fabrics, but seems to be okay with the quilts I've made out of them.

Have you tried the ConnectingThread spools on the HQ16? I can't go "gung-ho" with my Juki because the thread did break once, but overall was okay with the results. My definite thread of choice now--Aurifil! Size 50 (going from memory).

Whew---wrote a book this AM! Coffee must be working :0)
I hope you get some final days of sewing, relaxing, etc in before you completely have to turn your mind back over to school.

Candace said...

I love the little pails, and the glue stick idea. May try it myself, I'm not too proud to steal ideas. I love connecting thread, and I agree the fabric feels a little different, but I like the feel of it. I've always been happy, and usually they are generous with their width. Hope the thread works out for you. I've seen some reviews and they were positive.