Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Rainbow Scrap Challenge Sampler - Mock LeMoyne Star

I pulled out the easy angle ruler again for this block.  I am sure getting my moneys worth out of this gadget.  I used it to cut three different combinations of HST blocks.
I used three fabrics for my block, a yellow background, a light orange and a dark orange.
Put right sides together of two strips of fabric and cut 4 triangles from each of the following combinations:
light orange and yellow
dark orange and yellow
dark orange and light orange
In addition to the triangles you will also need four 2 inch squares of the yellow background fabric.
Sew the HST units together, remove dog ears and press the seams toward the dark fabric.

Lay your squares out as shown in the picture above.
Notice that the center portion is a pinwheel.  The background portions meet in the center of the block and like colors connect.
Traditionally this block is mad with parallelograms of fabric, but that method requires inset seams.  This "cheater" method avoids inset seams by breaking the parallelograms into half square triangles.

Sew your blocks together being careful to nest the seams as the rows are sewn together.

I now realize that this went up in April instead of waiting for the orange or yellow month.  It was a scheduling error.  I'll make sure to link back to it later.  It happened once earlier and I had to delete and rewrite the entire post, so this one is staying put!  So sorry for all the confusion!!!


Jennifer said...

am I missing something here? what is the RSC color for april?

Andee said...

It is April fools? Color is orange?? :LOL

Cathy said...

I thought the color was purple because of the background color but then the block today is orange so I'm very very confused! :)

Joanne Schlichting said...

I'm going with orange because that is what she made her block out of. I only hope that is right.

Dasha said...

OK Angie, you are pulling our collective legs. LOL I've already gone and collected a pile of purples!

sophie said...

Color me confused, too ... what IS the color for April?