Sunday, April 27, 2014

RSC Sampler - Ceiling Fan

Here is another block based on the flying goose unit. This time I used the easy angle ruler because I had 2 inch strips all ready to go.  With scraps it is easier to modify the cutting to use what you have available.
Using two inch strips and the companion angle ruler, cut 4 triangles from the dark fabric.
Using the two inch strips and the easy angle ruler, cut 8 triangles from the light fabric.
Still using 2 inch strips, you will also need 4 light squares and four medium squares.
Sew light background triangles along one side of each dark goose.
Sew the light squares to the medium squares.
Finger press the light triangles open and sew the second light triangle to the other side of each goose.
Press toward the dark squares and away from the dark goose.
You should have four geese and four two patches.
Pair the two patches up with the geese, making sure all the unit have the dark square facing the same direction.  I like to sew with the geese on top so that I can try to sew through the intersection of the existing two seams to make sure my geese have sharp points.
Sew one two patch to the top of each goose unit.
The four blocks should be arranged in a rotating pattern as shown. Sew as you would for any four patch remembering to twirl the seams allowing the block to lie flat.  

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Kate said...

I've not seen this method for making a pinwheel block.