Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Rainbow Scrap Challenge Sampler - Indiana Puzzle

I guess a block named Indiana Puzzle should be crimson and cream, but instead, my block is green and gold. Go Packers!  I like the bright green with a bit of yellow to help transition between colors in the final quilt.
I chose a bright green as the focal color and a green and yellow strip for the accent.  Yellow is the background.  You could stick with one green throughout as well.
Here is your "shopping list":
background yellow = 1.5 inch strip at least 12 inches long
background yellow = 2.5 inch strip at least 9.5 inches long.
accent fabric = 1.5 inch strip at least 12 inches long
focal color = 2.5 inch strip at least 7 inches long
Start by placing your 2.5 inch strips right sides together.  Use the easy angle ruler to cut 4 HST units.  With the remainder of the background strip, cut a 2.5 inch square.
Sew your 1.5 inch strips together and sew the HST units along the long side.  Trim the dog ears and press all 4 squares and the strip set toward the darker fabric.
Sub cut the strip set into 8 1.5 inch segments.
Alternate these segments and sew them together to make 4 four patches.  Press with twirled seams.
Here are your finished subunits(they should all measure 2.5 inches):
4 HSTs in focus green and yellow
4 four patches in accent green and yellow
1 square in yellow

Look carefully at the layout.  They call it Indiana Puzzle for a reason.  The four patches make a circle around the outside of the block while the HST units form parallel lines on either side of the block.
Sew the subunits together as you would any nine patch block and you are done.  Enjoy.


Ellen said...

Another fun block!

Andee said...

Go Pack, love this block!