Monday, August 4, 2014

RSC Sampler Dakota Farmer

This one looks a lot like a Sawtooth Star.  The corners are HSTs though, instead of just squares.  I think if lots were put together in a quilt it would give a nice secondary pattern in the corners.
 The star points are flying geese units.  There are lots of ways to make a flying goose.  I like the companion angle ruler paired with the easy angle ruler.  You could use whatever method you like, as long as you end up with an unfinished 2 by 3.5 inch goose.
For the companion angle method, find a 2 inch strip of light green and cut 4 triangles.
 For the outer portion of the geese you will need 8 triangles cut from 2 inch strips of darker green.  I cut mine in pairs with the dark green strip folded in half.
After you have cut all the pieces from the separate strips you can pair them up and square off the end to cut 4 sets of HST using the easy angle ruler.
 So here is the summary for cutting:
1 3.5 inch square of focus green
4 triangles of light green cut from 2 inch strips using the companion angle ruler
8 triangles of dark green cut from 2 inch strips using the easy angle ruler
4 pairs of light/dark HST units cut from 2 inch strips using the easy angle ruler
 Start by sewing the HST units together.  On the same trip to the machine you may sew one side of the goose triangle on.  Remove dog ears and press to the dark.
 On your next trip to the sewing machine, sew on the other side of the goose triangle.  Remove dog ears and press to the dark.
 Now that all the subunits are pieced you have an uneven nine patch.  I am just now noticing that the bottom goose is upside down in the picture.  Make sure your dark points all face to the center square!  The dark corners of the HST units are all on the outside of the block.  
 You could sew it together as a nine patch, but I did each row separately to make sure the points all ended up pretty.  Press the center section toward the middle and the top and bottom toward the edges.  The arrangement of the subunits is correct in this picture.  Check to make sure yours is OK too before you finish the block.
After that, just sew your three rows together.  Press the last two seams toward the center to reduce the bulk behind the goose point.  


Ellen said...

Cute block!

Deb A said...

Cute block. I found a bunch of bright greens ready to be used this month!

Karen said...

I need to make this block. Love it!

Kate said...

Another fun block. I'm going to make all of them this month, but probably in another color.

Bonnie said...

Nice fabric choices on this block.

Andee said...

I think the center block is 3.5 and the geese are 3.5 to make this work? Keep em coming! :)