Monday, March 2, 2015

RSC15 Sampler March - Air Castles

The Air Castle block is very similar to the Card Trick block from January, but with a solid center that feels more "star-like" to me.  
Both 2.5 and 1.5 inch strips are used in this block.  The 1.5 in strips will be used for the quarter square units, while everything else will come from 2.5 inch strips.  
I chose a third yellow for the center, but it could also be made of background fabric or a repeated color.  Whatever yellows you choose, try to get a variety of shades, from pale or buttery to darker or brighter golds.  
Start with the 2.5 inch strips.
Pair light yellow with background fabric and use the easy angle ruler to cut 4 HST units.
While you still have the easy angle ruler handy, also cut 4 HST units out of the darker yellow.
Now layer 1.5 inch strips of background fabric and light yellow together.  I used the same light yellow for the bigger and smaller triangles, but it could be different yellows as well.  Now use the companion angle ruler to cut 4 QST(quarter square triangle) units.
Here are all of the pieces together:
From 2.5 inch strips -
4 HST units in dark yellow
4 HST pairs of background and light yellow
1 square of accent yellow
From 1.5 inch strips -
4 QST units of background and light yellow
Start with the QST units.  They get sewn together on a short side and NOT on the hypotenuse like the HST units.  Just make sure they all get sewn on the same short side.  Press carefully toward the yellow fabric, being careful not to stretch out the long side which is on the bias.
Next, sew the HST units together along the hypotenuse.  These are symmetrical, so you don't have to worry about the orientation.
Next, pair the QST subunits you just sewed together with the dark yellow HST pieces.  Sew these along the hypotenuse and press toward the dark fabric.
All the subunits are now ready to go.  They should all be 2.5 inches unfinished.
From this point, all you have to do is arrange your blocks into a nine patch.  The solid square forms the center, the HST units form the corners, and the QST units are the edges.  Check the photo to make sure everything is facing the right way.
Here is your block.  It should be 6.5 inches unfinished.
To finish, just place the block into the center of a sawtooth star block using the tutorial found here.  


Kathy's A Quilter said...

This is exciting... I lookk forward to making this beauty.

grann616 said...

Is it too late to start this scrappy quilt? Can I still get the instructions for Jan-Feb? Many thanks. Sharon Lozano

Deb A said...

Bathrooms cleaned and floors mopped - my reward is to go sew this block! Thanks for the tutorial.