Sunday, October 4, 2015

Rainbow Scrap Challenge Sampler 2015

Today's block is either a traditional eight pointed star with extra HST units in the corners, or it is Doris's Star, but with a plain center square.  I pulled the last few blocks from Rosemary Young's Quilt Bible, but this one is a variation on the star themes that I found there.  I suppose that I shall call it......Shadow Star.  
This block is on a nine patch grid.  That means that a 6 inch block will work out with 2.5 inch unfinished subunits.  I used three different browns and background fabric.  Find or cut 2.5 inch strips.  You could also do it with fewer colors, but there are only two sampler blocks this month, so you might as well go crazy.
Layer the lightest brown fabric right sides together with the background and use the easy angle ruler to cut 4 HST pairs.
Next, fold the darkest brown strip right sides together and cut 4 pairs of wings using the tri recs ruler.  You can also paper piece these if you don't have the tri recs ruler.
You will need 4 pieces of background fabric for the center section of the pointy star.  You may cut them individually, or double layer your fabric.
Finally, cut one 2.5 inch square of medium brown fabric.
Start by laying out your star points on either side of the background triangles.  Notice that they are symmetrical because you cut them in pairs.
Start with the right hand side.  The bottom edge has a blunted corner that lines up with the bottom edge of the background piece.  Sew and press the seams toward the brown.
After all of the right points are sewn, repeat the process for the left.
Next, sew your HST units along the hypotenuse.  Trim dog ears and press toward the brown.
OK, now that all of your subunits are done, you have a simple nine patch block.  Arrange the star points around the middle of the central square and fill in with the HST blocks circling the corners.
Sew the nine patch together and press away from the spiky star points.
Finally, add the sawtooth star points and your first brown sampler block is done.  


Marly said...

I like this star; done in dark fabrics like this it looks three-dimensional. Does it have a name?

Dasha said...

Gorgeous! Love those browns.

Kathy's A Quilter said...

beautiful. reminds of designs found in marble floors.

Ellen said...

Great block! On this chilly morning this brown block looks so warm and inviting.

The Joyful Quilter said...

Hey!! How do I always miss your Sampler Block posts?!?! Off to add the link to my weekly post...

Kate said...

Very cool block, it looks almost 3-D.

gayle said...

I'm really enjoying your sampler blocks - so many cute patterns inside those wonderful sawtooths.
And I love all the stars made with those tri-recs rulers - I'm giving semi-serious thought to making a quilt with all the variations...