Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Column Along March Block - Butterfly

I'm starting to look forward to spring.  In honor of the warming weather, butterflies are coming out for this month's sampler block.  
 I'm going to use shades of purple for the wings and yellow for the bodies.
Purple: cut 2 rectangles 6.5 by 2.75 inches
Yellow: cut 1 rectangles 2 by 6.5 inches
Background: cut 4 squares 2.75 inches each
 Draw a pencil line on the back of each background square from corner to corner.
 Place one background square onto either end of each of the purple rectangles.  The diagonal lines should each point in to make mountains.
 Sew along each drawn line.
 Press the background squares in a "flip and sew" method.
 If you would like you may sew another line closer to each corner about 3/8 of an inch from each sewn line.  By cutting between the two seams, you can harvest 4 "bonus" HST units.
Sew one wing to either side of the yellow body strip.  Your finished block should be 6.5 inches.
If you are making the larger size sampler, you will need to make 12 blocks.  If you are making the smaller size sampler you will need 9.  


margaret said...

thanks for this tutorial my younger daughter Helen loves anything with butterflies she will be 40 this year so maybe I can make something with this pattern

gayle said...

Purple is just the perfect color for butterflies... 8)

Delighted Hands said...

Very pretty! I put the yellow in the corners!

Patti said...

How did you know, I just was thinking yesterday that I should make a small wall hanging for our bath with butterflies. Perfect!!! Thanks so much.

Kate said...

A bit early for butterflies, but they certainly do make me think of spring.