Friday, July 1, 2016

Rainbow Scrap Challenge Sampler 2016 July Block

I chose a nice simple block for this month.  Hopefully that will give everyone a chance to get caught up if they need to, and in the quilt, it will give the eye a little bit of a rest.  This block has traditionally been called Indian Hatchet.  It is a simple square with two flip and sew corners.  A lot like a snowball block, but with two corners instead of four.  

 Each block will need one 3.5 inch square and two 2 inch squares.  I am using pink and green for July.
 On the back of each small square, draw a line from corner to corner.  Pencil will work just fine, I have become very fond of frixion pens because the lines disappear during ironing.
 Place one small square on each corner of the large square.  Make sure that the lines run parallel to one another.
 Sew on each drawn line.  Technically, just one needle width to the outside of each drawn line will give you enough wiggle room for the seam allowance.
 Flip open the corners and press.  Make sure that the edges of the small green square line up with the edges of the large pink square.  Trim away the triangles left underneath the main block.

In the finished quilt, these blocks will be alternated to form a simple zig zag line.
If you are making the twin sized quilt you will need 24 blocks.  For the couch sized quilt, 18 will do it.
Happy sewing!


Unknown said...

I can tell school is finished......2 posts in a day. Wow! Thanks again for sponsoring this project.

Delighted Hands said...

Looks great! I will make some tomorrow!

Deb A said...

Very nice effect. I think I'll pull some pink tomorrow morning and stitch away.

Kate said...

A fun and easy block with a lot of visual impact in that zigzag setting.