Thursday, July 13, 2017

No Place Like Home

One thing about living life on the road is that there is plenty of time for slow stitching.  14 hours in the car, several in airports, then planes and busses.   So many opportunities to sneak in a circle here and there.  
We are finally home again though, with no plans to go anywhere at all in the foreseeable future.  
 I think the green circles are all done
 Red has more than one month, and I need to figure out where one ends and the other starts.
The yellows are all ready to be sewn together.  
Not all the trips have made it into the photo stream, but here are a few highlights.
 We took the kids to Universal for a few days.  We have annual passes this year, so it was a great opportunity to take advantage of them.  This was us at the Blue Man Group.  Anna and Sydney both loved it.  Ryan wanted to know why is was so strange.  We were trying to get a group shot when the lady behind us photobombed us.  I told here I would tag her on Facebook, but I've forgotten her name now, Karen something?
 Anna is way too old, but still wanted to pose with the minions.
Before that was my trip to Kansas City to grade AP exams.  The performing arts center was really cool.  From certain angles, it looked a lot like the Sydney Opera House.  
After that we were off to Atlanta and dropped the kids off with their cousins before heading out to an adults only all-inclusive resort.  So relaxing!  No photos yet, but I'm sure they will show up before too long.  
So now, finally, I am home again for the rest of the summer.  I think there are full two weeks with no major activities or trips!  I can't wait.  The summer list is long, and I'm sure that I can't get to all of it, but I will give it a try!


Jo said...

Sounds like a rest is needed

KaHolly said...

Well, welcome home! I get a lot accomplished when traveling!

The Joyful Quilter said...

Welcome back!! An adult only all-inclusive resort? Sounds AWESOME!!!

Kate said...

Sounds like lots of fun stuff. I don't think you can ever be too old to pose with the Minons. Enjoy your at home time this summer. I've got one more business trip and then I can enjoy a couple of weeks before we have to move Drama Teen to college.

Quilter Kathy said...

The circles are the perfect takealong slow stitching project!
You're never too old to play with minions... and circles :)

Alycia~Quiltygirl said...

I want to pose with the minions!! That is a great photo!

RED ARROW said...

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