Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Tiny Tuesday #7

More 3 x 3 blocks are here this week.  I just couldn't put the 2 inch squares away without making a few more blocks.
First up is an Ohio Star that I saw on Quilting on the Crescent a couple of weeks ago.  So cute!  Generations Quilt Patterns has a perfect tutorial in their quilt patterns library.  Start with 2 3 in squares in yellow and in background.  Use the same draw a line and sew on either side method we used last week, but then repeat with the finished half square triangles to make quarter square triangles.  You will need to square them up to a 2 inch size as they are slightly oversized.  Do this twice to make 4 required half square triangle units.  Fill out your necessary nine units 2 inch squares, 4 background color and one yellow.  
Here is your 3 by 3 layout
And finally, your finished block!
Next up is a Friendship Star.  It uses exactly the same sub-units as the churn dash from last week, but with the triangles rotating around the center square.
It is a quick an simple variation on a theme.
Choose your favorite from the pair or feel free to make both blocks if you are hoping for a bigger quilt.  These blocks are set straight.  I promise I'll branch out a bit next week.  We can be done with the three by three grid for now..


Marcia in TX said...

So these are 5 inches unfinished? I like the 3 grid. Thank you.

Kate said...

Wished I'd decided to do the mini's, the Wild and Goosey blocks are very slow going.

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