Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Getting Ready for 2020

It is a new year which means another opportunity to keep using your scraps!  I'm working on getting set up for the new year which will mean choosing colors, making a button and generally taking stock and getting organized.  I'll change out the RSC19 page for a RSC 2020 page.
I have no new quilts planned for this year!   Last year got a bit out of hand with the new house and move and sending kids away to college.  I think this will be a calmer year though and I plan to focus on finishing some things.  Hopefully that will make some space for a new project or quilt-along next year.  I'll let you know if I see any great scrap friendly projects that other bloggers will be sharing this year.
January will be green this year, so that should help to get you started.  Lets start with the lights and brights this time and save the dark and drearies for later. 
Step one for me is to post a photo of the button so that I can use a tool to create the code which turns it into a button and writes the linking html script.  I say that like I know what I am doing.  I fumble my way through each year as if I have never seen it before.  I'm using the "Code it Pretty" grab button builder in case you ever need to make a blog button of your own. 

Update.  The button seems to be working.  I guess I did remember what I was doing this time.  There is some html script below the image in the right hand margin.  Just copy the code and paste it into an html widget from your blogger layout screen.  Let me know if you have issues.  
For now, I'm off to dig through some green scraps.  

Second update.  Stephanie has been kind enough to make a tracking sheet again for all of your ongoing Rainbow Scrap Challenge projects.   It is a great way to keep track of which blocks and projects need attention each month along the way.  


Alycia~Quiltygirl said...

it worked for me too - so look at that - we are becoming computer experts - ha ha ( and I am just kidding about me... I just sludge thru) Looking forward to getting back to my scraps this year!

Chris said...

The button worked for me also and I am looking forward to stitching along again this year. Thanks for making this available to us.

The Joyful Quilter said...

Hooray!! Light and Bright GREEN will work right into my plan. Looking forward to RSC20!

Quiltdivajulie said...

I'm in but may need to skip a month or color when things get too busy. Have a new project to work on for this year. (the link to the tracking sheet didn't work for me). Thanks, Angela and Happy New Year!

Susie H said...

Thank you for organizing us again. I'm thinking about a Rainbow Pineapple Quilt this year and possibly a Granny Squares Quilt from the book Oh Scrap! Happy New Year! Loving the green start.

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

Happy New Year, Angela! Thanks for the button, and for green, too - one of my favorite colors!

Deb A said...

Bordercreekstation has a stashbuster 2020 challenge block. Looks like it would be a good one for the RSC Challenge. I'm adding it to my list this year - uses 2 inch strips and 3.5 inch squares. Thanks so much for hosting this again this year. The green has me switching up my plans already... but I'm going with it! Might even have a quilt top by the end of the month!

Sara said...

Green is a great choice for January this year because my view is mostly all white with snow. Green will trick my brain into thinking spring is around the corner.

Marsha Cooper said...

Looking forward to a new year and making more 4 patch projects with the piles of 2 inch squares that I have!

Jenny said...

Oh dear, we are away on holiday in our caravan! But I'll be sure to get started on green when we return home later in Januay.

Janice said...

Thanks for once again coordinating RSC. It has been fun over the last couple of years and I’m looking forward to joining in once again. Now to hunt out some green fabric.

Frédérique - Quilting Patchwork Appliqué said...

Yeah, another RSC! Thankyoufor this great organization, i love rainbow quilts!

ButterZ said...

I love the brighter greens. Let's see if I can get something made. Thanks for letting us join you..

Crystal_235 said...

Grabbed my button

scraphappydenise said...

I'm starting out with following along to tame my scraps into usable sizes. I have a tub that is sorted by color in zip locks. But it won't fit under my cutting table if I don't tackle it. Happy new year😄

Raewyn said...

Thank you and Happy New Year! After a break this past year, I'm hoping to join in this year - my scraps definitely need some attention!

Emily said...

That tracking sheet is super helpful, thanks to you and to Stephanie! Looking forward to getting started with Green! Thanks for another year of RSC!

grammajudyb said...

Thanks for all you do, I will be participating again this year, slowly! Here it is the 4th and I just had the chance to log on and look around. Now, off to dump the green bin!

Kate said...

I fell off the scrappy wagon last year, just too much on my plate. I'm hoping to get back on this year. Thanks for hosting again.

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