Saturday, January 25, 2020

Last Green Saturday of 2020

One month into the RSC2020 and I am loving green!  I feel that way about every color during its month.  Next month is going to be orange, so if you are feeling like you've gotten done what you want with your green, now is the time to start pondering a new color.  I've added 5 sprout blocks, 2 soul searching blocks, 8 string blocks and 8 framed nine patches to my rainbow collections.
In addition to my green blocks, I also pieced together a couple of flimsies this month.  Here is 6 Carat Diamonds.  The nine patches were leaders and enders last year and just needed to be framed out and sewn together.
 I also made good progress on my hexie diamonds.  I'll get the green finished up tomorrow for slow stitching Sunday.
And can't forget the little green zipper cases for earbuds.  
Mister Linky is below, please share your own green progress with us all.


tubakk said...

Love your hexies and the small zipper pouches.

The Joyful Quilter said...

It's SEW good to see that you've been busy at your sewing machine, Angela!! Keep at it, now that the dust has cleared and the college kids are gone again. What a happy design wall with all of those blocks you've made in Light/Bright GREEN!

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

You got a lot done this month, Angela! I love those little earbud pouches - they look so handy!

Katie Z. said...

You did an amazing amount of sewing. Well done!

Thank you for the color forewarning. I enjoy getting organized for the next month as I wind down this one.

Julierose said...

Love those little sprouts...I have been sidelined for a bit, but hope to finish up this week...hugs, Julierose

Deb A said...

Thank you for letting us know February is Orange! I'm planning a little more bright greens but it will be nice to put them away and pull out orange to evaluate. You did a great job with green this month.

Mari said...

Those little earbud cases are the cutest! Have a good week!

Jenny said...

Hi Angela
Finally got my link posted on your site, seems the photo has to be resized? In my case, anyway. when I open my posting, it says Privacy Error, dont know why as we have the little padlock thingy. Any clues - anyone?

Quilter Kathy said...

Light green is one of my favourite colours, so all my ongoing projects already have that colour!
(Except for one which I will remedy this week!)
Wonderful green sewing going on in your sewing room!

Julie in GA said...

You've had an extremely productive month! I especially love your 9 Carat Diamonds. Thanks for the advance notice on orange for February.

Jennifer said...

This was such a great color to start with, especially in the grey midwest January. Congrats on all the progress you made!

loulee said...

Well, I wan't going to join in. Then I found myself putting a piece of bright green to one side and pondering what block to make... Guess my muse does want to play along. LOL

Raewyn said...

Thankyou Angela for hosting for another year - I hope to take part Every Month this year, I have scraps that badly need using!

Kate said...

You've got some fun green blocks up on the design wall. Hard to believe there is just one more work week in January. The year is already flying by!

gayle said...

Looks like you had a terrific January!
I didn't get a single lick of green sewing done this week. I'm hoping to be more on top of things next month. Bring on the next color!

Maria said...

I have joined in this year Angela but I cant seem to link up my blog ?

Marsha Cooper said...

Can't wait to see what next month's color is!

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