Saturday, September 17, 2022

ScrapHappy Saturday - Loving Baby Blue

The weeks blows by in a blur of activity right now.  I have kids lined up to sign up for college visits and ask for advice on applications and essays followed by meeting with coworkers and then time to get work done.   I've got little guys rummaging for felt and glue for flags.  Then there is the administrivia that still comes creeping back.  The learning curve is steep, and it is something new everyday.  So far I am a big fan of the new job.  

The morning sunrise photos are getting just a bit harder to capture as the days get shorter.   If the sun rose straight over the horizon, I could still capture it and not get stuck in morning traffic, but with the usual banks of clouds delaying the appearance of the sun, it is often making a late start right now.  The clouds do help make such striking colors though. I look forward to finding out what the day will bring each morning.   

Sewing is isolated mainly mainly to weekends, but I have not been brining home lesson planning and grading, so there is time now that didn't use to exist.  I got the light blue star sewn together and the bright green is waiting for its turn.  I have cut out some parts for black and brown stars, but I don't think I have enough fabric variety yet.  Grey and black can coexist nicely, I will just have to rummage in the bins to find out what is there.  I will pull out another block collection today and take evaluate its progress.   I know September isn't really the end of the year yet, but it is starting to feel that way.  Holiday plans are just around the corner!


Ivani said...

Your rising sun photos are always beautiful. And your design wall is so pretty. Yes September is not the end of the year but sometimes it is looking like it is.
Have a great sewing weekend, Angela.

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

I love your carpenter's wheel. I have my light blue one to make still but wanted to get my Arkansas Traveler blocks done first.

grammajudyb said...

I always love your sky photos. What time of the morning do you usually take them? I have lots of town ephemera in the way usually. Electrical wire, street light poles, other neighbors roofs.

Your Carpenter Stars are amazing. It going to be a stunning quilt!!

Glad you still are a fan of your new job!!! Learning is "fun"!!!