Saturday, May 6, 2023

ScapHappy Saturday - Ready for a Change

Looking forward to starting a new color today! I love orange, though I must admit that it was much neglected in my stash before the Rainbow Scrap Challenge. Now I try to work bits into bindings or backings to make sure that some ends up in the scrap bin. I should have at least enough to get my basic blocks out this month. I enjoy the little bit of happy that orange and yellow bring to quilts and working on those months each year have helped me broaden my color preferences. Ironically, I am trying to find orange felt to make homeroom flags and it is out of stock everywhere.  Too many Florida Gators I guess.   

 It was another busy week at school! Monday started standardized testing season, and so I rushed from morning AP testing to our lunchtime college signing day celebration. Such fun for the kids! They all posed for photos with college banners while wearing their college shirts. I had a selection of stickers for anyone that didn't have the right shirt quite yet. 
Sydney came home on Wednesday for the summer.  She is taking online summer classes which seems to be the norm for all of her UF friends. We have been going to trivia on Thursdays recently and won second place again this week!  It was May 4th and so there were lots of Star Wars themed questions. 
I skipped right past the rocket launch last Sunday.  It was a Falcon heavy and it was beautiful!
Then yesterday was Cinco di Mayo, we were a bit worried that our usual Mexican restaurant would be too busy.  It was packed, but we managed to get a table and met up with my old running partner and her husband.   I think the drinks were stronger than usual because I am really feeling it this morning.  That could also be old age.  
There are still two more solid weeks of standardized testing.  I'm not supposed to do anything while the kids are taking tests, so I usually try to get my steps in each day as I walk around the room to monitor progress.  I am easily getting 15,000 steps in during each test.   I try to stay caught up on regular work when I am not in tests, kids still need help with dual enrollment classes or documentation needed for colleges or scholarships or just random questions that they need answered.  We are double checking all the graduation requirements of course and getting everything prepped for commencement.  All such good stuff this time of the year!   I thought that the summer would be a break, but it is starting to fill up with college boot camps and workshops.  Again, all so exciting and beneficial!  But for now, there are orange scraps to find and we need to get the extra room prepped for Ryan to come home tomorrow.  It is going to be strange having kids back in the house again.  We had kind of gotten into the empty nest routine.   


Kate said...

Sounds like you've hit the frantic part of the school year. Hopefully you'll have some time to fit in some stitching this weekend to fortify yourself for another full week.

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

I am sharing one of the tops that I started in 2022 for RSC and nearing a finish - give it another month perhaps?

grammajudyb said...

Looks like fun but chaos in your world right now! Glad you got to make a splash at Trivia, and go out for 5-5. Enjoy your busier household this summer. Empty nest is a transition, but having young adults back in your space is another transition! Breathe!

Alycia~Quiltygirl said...

How fun to see all the kids excited about where they are headed. and yay for having 1 baby back home!!!