Saturday, May 18, 2019

ScrapHappy Saturday #17

Welcome to ScrapHappy Saturday. The weekly linky party for all things scrappy and happy. I'm still happy to see all of your scrappy orange creations and looking forward to getting my own sewing room set up again. So close! Painting is done, baseboards and door trim have been installed. There just seems to be a strange waxy residue that I am trying to clean off of the wood floors and then I will set everything up again. I packed it all up this week thinking it would be ready for a sewing day today. Then the floor issues surfaced. Progress is being made though, and the orange month will not be a total loss.

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Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Tiny Tuesday #18

Sally is our guest designer again this week and wow is it cute!  Check out her Bear's Bow Tie block.  This block will get a straight set to show off its nice diagonal tilt

Saturday, May 11, 2019

ScrapHappy Saturday

I'm getting so much closer to setting up my new sewing room.  The baseboards are in and I've started painting them. 
It occurred to Kurt yesterday that it didn't make sense to start putting up baseboards until the walls were finished, so much wall painting followed.  I thought he should just start the baseboards in the places I had already finished painting, but he had a different order in mind.  So this is Syndey's room.  The hard wood floors had a week to finish so it seemed safe to tromple all over them. 
I did actually sew this week!  I have a few Tiny Tuesday blocks in the works.  This Tuesday is a guest designer, but after that I will be all ready for orange!

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Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Tiny Tuesday #18

Today I am thankful for my understanding and supportive blog readers who have volunteered to step in and help out while my life continues in chaos mode.  Angie was so kind to offer to post a block this month and it is just as cute as can be.  Go and check it out here.  

Monday, May 6, 2019

Manic Monday

Don't you just hate it when you sit down to sew and realize that you don't have any fabric?  It went to the new house.  I thought my sewing room would be set up there by now.   
Unfortunately, there seems to be a problem with the air conditioning, and so the sewing migration has stalled.   No problem though, I wanted to take a look at some paint samples, so a quick trip was in order.  Anna's room has a coat of the blue that she and Ryan both agreed upon.  Don't mind the doors and closets.  They are on the list of summer projects.  The people who lived there last really liked paint.
We've picked out baseboards and they will be here Wednesday along with window and door trim.   The main floor has been painted with two coats of Balboa Mist, everywhere else is primed and the ceilings are no longer mustard!  Progress is slow but steady.  
 Speaking of progress.  The floors are done!  It was painful and difficult and not as successful as I would have hoped. 
It is done though, and many lessons were learned.  If I ever had to do that again, I'm sure I could do it much better next time.  Hopefully I won't have to test that theory.

 I had three possible colors picked out for the main bedroom.  From left to right, Sea Salt, Waterscape, and Celedon Pottery.
 Here is the view from the main bedroom so that you can see what it will be framing.  Now that I've got all that out of the way, I'm off to sew!  What a nice change of pace from all the painting. 

Saturday, May 4, 2019

ScrapHappy Saturday 16

I promise that someday I will get back to quilting related posts.  The floors are almost done.  Refinishing hardwood floors goes first on the list of things to never try again.  I think that we managed to recover after a rough start.  We've put down two layers of sanding sealer and one of poly, so the homestretch is in sight. 
Friday was senior prank day at school.  I came in to 28 new "students" all in desks with handy little name tags.  
The theme was camping.  Student had tents and hammocks spread around campus and sang campfire songs while eating smores.  Speaking of "ends in sight", just 20 days until graduation!  Ryan is the middle child, he will be headed to the University of Florida in the fall.  The nest is getting emptier every year.  

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Wednesday, May 1, 2019

New Month -- New Color

I am so sad to say goodbye to aqua.  Still, it is hard to get enough of orange.  Please don't be afraid.  Orange is such a happy color.  I know that some people have issues.  Here at the rainbow scrap challenge though, we like to give every color a chance.

 On the new house front, Kurt decided that the wood floors needed to be refinished.  I will admit that they were in pretty rough shape.  We've never refinished floors though.
We used many sanding machines over two weekends.  The floors are all stripped now and waiting patiently for varnish.  Hopefully they will end up better than they started, though I am not convinced.  My back may never forgive me for all those hours of bending and squatting.  
I did finish painting the kitchen though!  Everything in the house is torn apart now and half finished, which is starting to make me bonkers.  Kind of like that feeling of having too many UFOs and not  making any visible progress.  So I picked on project and crossed it off the list.  We still need to do back-splashes, but at least everything is functional.  

Tuesday, April 30, 2019

TIny Tuesday #17

I wanted to try something a little different today.  I actually needed to do something involving handwork as my quilting supplies seem to have gone into hiding.  Moving houses is so confusing!  Instead of doing normal applique in which a shape is sewn onto background fabric, we are doing the reverse.  Background fabric will be sewn onto the top of the focus fabric, framing it decoratively.  You could do regular applique if you prefer, but it is fun to try new things from time to time. 
You will need to print out a copy of the heart template.  You may print it directly onto freezer paper or print it out on regular paper and trace it onto freezer paper.  Trim the freezer paper to 5 inches square, which is the unfinished size of the block.
I chose to trace mine.  It seemed easier given that I could not find my rotary cutter anywhere.  Things are getting harder to find each week that the house is on the market.
We are doing reverse applique this week rather than traditional applique.  The background is sewn onto the top of the applique shape, giving it a framed look.  This is a nice technique if you are using a pieced fabric.  I think crumb fabrics would look great framed out in reverse applique hearts.  So cut away the center of the heart, leaving a freezer paper outline.  Iron this to the front of your background fabric which should be just every so slightly larger than 5 inches to allow you a bit of room for possible frayed edges during the sewing process.
In order to prepare the edges of the background fabric, clip the curves and begin to fold back the seam allowance.  You can iron the crease or use a tiny bit of glue stick to hold it down temporarily.
Continue to fold back the seam allowance all the way around the background fabric until you have a lovely heart shaped frame.
Now for the fun part!  Use that frame to find a nice fancy piece of beautifully patterned teal fabric and strategically place your background fabric to highlight its special features.  You may either pin the fabrics together temporarily or use a tiny bit of glue to hold the fabrics together for now.  Trim away excess heart fabric around the back.
Now just use a blind hem stitch to sew the two fabrics together.  You could also do it by machine of course, or even use a decorative blanket stitch.  So many great options in the world of applique.

Saturday, April 27, 2019

ScrapHappy Saturday #16

Where does the time go? Just 4 more Mondays in the school year and it is getting both frantically busy and winding down at the same time.  We are still busy working on the new house.  The old house is now under contract again.  Fingers crossed that it works this time.  My dear husband decided last weekend that we were going to refinish the floors in the new house.  That is a mistake we are still trying to recover from.  On the bright side though, I officially started the relocation of my sewing room and hope to have it set up and ready to use quite soon.

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Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Tiny Tuessday #16

We have another guest designer today!  I am so thankful for those who have volunteered to design blocks.  Especially given the amount of chaos going on right now.  
Katie Z. has a lovely block for us called Spinning Stars.