Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Via Airmail

I'm thinking of calling this one Via Airmail.  It is made of the leftover postage stamp blocks from projects of the past.  Postage stamp blocks are so versatile.  The binding was finished during the Superbowl on Sunday, but today is the first day I've been home during daylight.  It was an early release day, so Lacrosse practice was done by 4:30.  Robotics started at 5:30, but Kurt took Ryan down and is picking up Chinese food on the way home.  Yum!  The hard part will be making sure that someone stays awake long enough to pick him up again at 10.  Yikes!
 The back comes from some pink and green flannel leftovers.  I think the pink  was on clearance, and the green was part of a baby quilt perhaps?  I've grown really fond of the frame square backing.  It almost looks preplanned, but makes good use of relatively random amounts of two fabrics.
 Finally, here is a shot of the quilting.  It is a pantograph!  That is two in a row.  Such a departure from my usual freeform style.  Just two more days until Science Fair.  I'm trying to help Anna assemble her board in between typing this, so forgive me if the sentences seem fragmented.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Molasses Sunday

Some days I move faster than others,  Today I am moving like syrup on a cold day.  
I set up a little assembly line yesterday and got all of the pieces ready to go for patience corners.  We ended up having to run around most of the day, and a little fabric cutting was all I could manage.   
So Sydney now has some new Ikea drawers for her closet, and Kurt got his car back from the dealer in Orlando and I have some antibiotics that the doctor says should help me feel better any day now.  After all that running, hanging out on the couch last night was a top priority.  
 This morning though, I was able to sew together the February column along blocks. I decided to just put pink in two of the squares and use light brown for the corners.  I think it adds nice motion to the blocks.  I was surprised when I laid the blocks out next to the January blocks to find that they were not the same length!  I had to go and dig out a tape measure to find out that January was too long by 1.5 inches and February was too short by .5 inches.  I will work on making all the math add up later I suppose.  Ideally, all the rows should be 72.5 inches unfinished.
 While playing with the browns, I was happy to find this football fabric in honor of super bowl Sunday.  Maybe I will stitch it down during the game.  We are supposed to go to a party, but I am thinking of letting Kurt go without me.  I'm sure he wouldn't mind.
That would give me some extra time to finally finish the binding on my postage stamps.  I thought it would get finished up during Lacrosse on Monday, but not quite.  Then it was so cold on Friday that I went to a nearby mall and hid in a restaurant eating fries until practice was over.  Poor Sydney said she could hardly hold the stick because her hands were numb.
Check out this photo I got yesterday from Jill who does not have a blog.  She made it for last year's Rainbow Scrap Challenge.  Isn't it fabulous?  I really love the look of the black and white prints with the rainbow brights.  It looks like she is also on the binding phase.  Hope she is enjoying some slow stitching too on this Superbowl Sunday.  Be sure to visit Kathy for more slow stitching and Cindy for Oh Scrap!  

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Rainbow Scrap Challenge Sampler 2016

The block this month is a nice simple one called Patience Corners.  I chose it for the nice diagonal secondary pattern that it will make in a column.  
 For each block you will need the following pieces:
4 - 2.5 inch squares of "background" (I chose pink, but very light brown will also work)
4 - 1.5 by 2.5 inch rectangles of brown
4 - 1.5 by 3.5 inch rectangles of brown.
 Start by sewing a small brown rectangle to one side of each square.  Press toward the brown.
 Next, sew a large brown rectangle to one side of each twosie.
 Now you have 4 identical subunits.  Arrange them so that two diagonal corners have the brown side toward the center of the block and the other two have the brown side on the outside of the block.  Sew together as you would for any four patch.
When your block is done, the brown will make a visual figure 8.  The block should be 6.5 inches at this point.  it will finish at 6 inches in the final quilt.  You will need to make 12 blocks for the large quilt and 9 for the smaller version.
Keep scrolling down to the last post for today's linky party.  I'll link the PDF of this block to this post as well as the RSC16 Sampler tab as soon as it is done.  

ScrapHappy Saturday - Now in Shades of Chocolate

Welcome to a new month of the Rainbow Scrap Challenge!  It is time to put away all the blue, even if you didn't manage to use it all up.  I know that for many of us, blue just keeps going and going.  That's OK, we will be switching gears this month to shades of brown, and just to keep things form getting too dreary, feel free to add in a dash of pink along the way.
I have not set foot in my sewing room since last weekend, unfortunately, it has just been a busy week.  I had planned on having the new block tutorial out already, but I promise that it will come out today.  If you are really anxious to get started.  The block will be patience corners, and I did a tutorial for the RSC14 Sampler quilt which is available here.   It will be lovely in shades of brown and pink, and should make a nice diagonal pattern as a stripe down the quilt.  You will need 12 6-inch blocks for a large quilt and 9 6-inch blocks for the small version.  For now though, feel free to share your plans and schemes for the brown month.

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Sunday Wrap up

There are just two more circles to applique down for the January block of my leap year quilt.  So handy that February will start on a Monday.  There is something nice about a new week and a new month at the same time.
The circle and the binding to this postage stamp quilt should be plenty to keep my hands busy during Downton Abbey tonight.  First though, Sydney is out of shorts that fit and I promised her we could go shopping today.  She is almost as tall as Ryan and her feet are already bigger than Anna's.  They do grow up so fast.
Be sure to keep scrolling down to the last post to enter the February fabric giveaway.

February Color Announcement and Fabric Giveaway

The color for February will be brown, and just to mix things up a bit, I am encouraging the addition of pink accents.  With the help of Vicki Welsh, I designed this palette called sheep which I am ready 
to use for my column along blocks for February.  I have a nice simple pattern planned for this month, which should create a great secondary design. Hopefully the tutorial will be ready soon.  
Thanks to Vicki, I also have a hand dyed bundle of fabric ready to give away to one lucky blog reader.  You will notice that it is not the same as the inspiration palette for the month.  A funny thing happened while Vicki was dying the Rainbow Scrap Challenge fabric for this year.  She had just finished dyeing all of the necessary fabrics, along with one for the giveaway and one for her to keep when she found two more orders hiding in the line.  So the giveaway fabric is inspired by the colors, but not the same.  This gradient is called Harvest Moon and has brown in it along with orange and black.  To enter the random drawing for this fabric bundle, just leave a comment on this post with the name of your favorite kind of chocolate.  I just love junior mints.  They are my favorite movie time treat.    


Sunday Funday

After the Dear Jane was finished last week, it was time to start a new hand quilting project.  These bonus HST squares made tiny little Broken Dishes Stars and they were ready to go next.  After reading Kathy's post about marking quilts earlier this week, I was ready to give my Frixion pens a try.  I like to wash my quilts anyway, and I'm not too worried about the temperatures getting below freezing here in Florida.  So I marked some simple diamonds in the lattice strips and orange peel shapes in the star points.  I even found a border stencil that was just the right size.  I think that will do it.  Simple and to the point.  
I also got the binding on the postage stamp quilt and then went to find the wonder clips.  Someone has been playing with them apparently. Maybe they didn't want any to get lost?

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Backing Bonanza

The little blue extras quilt was hanging out on the dining room table patiently waiting.  
So I dug into the scrap bin and found a Noah's Ark panel which didn't have a home.  There was also a long strip of dark blue which must have been leftover from another backing.   I used that as a frame to make the panel large enough.  This one should be ready to go whenever I am in a quilting mood again.
Theres was a star quilt also waiting to have a backing prepared.  I found some teal fish.  Maybe this extra bit of teal and purple with stretch it out enough?
 I got the binding machine sewn onto the postage stamp quilt.  I'll save the handwork for tomorrow of course.
 Also, look at the blue scrap basket that I made to go with the green one from last year.  I am hoping to get the scrap stash down enough that each color will fit in its own basket.  I'm not quite there yet though.  Maybe if I make a light blue basket as well it will work out.
Now I have to decide if I am done for today or ready to press on.

Last Blue Saturday!

Blue is just one of those colors that doesn't end.  After a full month of making lots of great blocks, the drawer seems to still be full.  Somehow it is the magic of scraps that new blocks can keep coming out year after year. 
There are still some larger bits to use on a few more Dear Jane blocks, I think that will be the plan for today.  How about you?  Technically there are still two more days to try to finish up the last of the blues before a brand new color is announced.  I'll do the big reveal post tomorrow along with the fabric giveaway for February. Be sure to check back.  Today though, share the last of your blue blocks with us all.  

Friday, January 29, 2016

Quick Finish

Did you know that a group of geese on land is a gaggle, but in flight they are called a skein, team or wedge?  These postage stamp stamp blocks are arranged into a V formation that reminds me of a group of geese in flight, and I was searching for names.  I'll have to ponder that while I work on the binding.
After training today I had a little burst of energy and finished off the quilting while the girls were at Lacrosse.  It is almost time to pick Ryan up from robotics, so the timing is just about perfect.