Monday, June 6, 2011

Do not freget Lunch

 Sydney went to surf camp today without her lunch.  My good friend Meisje who drove this morning was kind enough to get something for her to eat at a gas station, but Sydney was determined not to forget tomorrow.  She hopped up in the middle of dinner to write a reminder on her hand. 
I just finished putting the border on Meredith's t-shirt quilt!  I have at least three quilts that have been sitting for months waiting for borders, but the knowledge that someone is waiting for this one specifically was enough motivation to get me through the border stage.  I think it is just a smidge too big for the backing fabric that came with the shirts, I'll have to see if I have anything to stretch it out just a bit. 


Amy said...

LOVE LOVE the quilt! Gosh, those are fun, bright, summery colors.

Is Sydney heading to or out of 1st grade? Caitlyn spells much the same ;0)

Your summer life is a bit more busy than mine so far. I'm amazed at all the chauffeuring around you do AND still able to quilt as you do.

Darling Jill Quilts said...

Congrats on the flimsie finish! Love those borders! And kids can be too cute sometimes! :)

Ellen said...

Great job on the quilt top - it looks terrific!

Melinda said...

I'm impressed that you only have 3 quilt tops waiting for borders. I HATE the borders stage. Love this t-shirt quilt. She is going to be thrilled.