Sunday, June 19, 2011

Joseph and AP

 I'm out of town this week for and AP class but I wanted to put up some pictures of Anna backstage at Joseph.  (Mainly for my mom, who loves it when I post photos of the kids.)  Photography was strictly prohibited during the performance.  Instead the kids choir organizer arranged for all the willing actors to line up backstage assembly line style and pose with the kids before the show started today.  
 These are two of the brothers.  I think the one of the left is Benjamin but I'm not sure about the other one.  All of the brothers played multiple parts and I think he was also the butler
Here is Joseph, also known as Anthony Federov, most famous for finishing fourth in American Idol.  Anna thought it was strange that Joseph was a blond, we watched the movie version with Donny Osmond and it colored her expectations. 
She said everybody was very nice.  Especially all the wives who were "20 ish"  They liked to hang out with the kids.  There was one wife who was "30 ish" and she wasn't mean, but she was very serious and was concentrating very hard.  Anna is sure it has something to do with being older. 
So Kurt took her over to Girl Scout camp straight from the performance this afternoon.  In some ways it is bad timing because I'm sure she is going to be VERY tired, but if the timing had worked out differently she might not have been able to do the play at all.  Sydney will be going to rock climbing camp and Ryan chose Mr. Science.  I'm 7 hours away in a hotel room so lucky Kurt gets to handle everything for the week.  Wish him the best of luck. 

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Amy (lilme2_99) said...

Thanks for posting the amazing pics of Anna! How exciting for her!
So, you have an AP workshop this week, huh? Mine is next week. I'm guessing you packed up a project or two to work on while having some 'down-time' at the hotel?

Keep us posted how the AP workshop goes :0)