Friday, June 10, 2011

Quick Decisions

I had been putting off the decision making on the t-shirt quilt because I knew that I needed to clear out the sewing room and empty off the longarm table before I could start.  I also needed to decide on a quilting pattern and find a free day.  So I sketched out a couple of quick ideas for quilting on index cards and handed them to Meredith when she came along on morning car pool pick up.  She glanced at them ever so quickly and picked one almost immediately.  No hesitation or pondering, just pointed to a flame looking design and said "that one". 
So, with that decision made, I jumped in and started the process of clearing, cleaning and putting away.  I promise that it doesn't usually look this scary.  A lot of things got dropped in place when I switched jobs in the middle of the year, and it was easier to just pile things and shut the door than to deal with them. 
By lunch time the sewing room was tidy and the machine was clear and ready to sew. 
  I chose a very light teal thread which is blending in with most of the t-shirts beautiful.  The pattern is a free motion flame pattern that is worked in intertwining rows.  It is going fairly quickly and the first row of t-shirts are already finished.  I guess that equates to about 22 linear inches with the borders and sashings, so I will definitely finish before dinner time.  The girls are on their way home now and Ryan wants to swim when they get here.  He has missed having them to hang out with this week. 


Amy (lilme2_99) said...

Ah yes....**heavenly sigh**....the lovely tidiness of a clean area! Makes you just want to CREATE, doesn't it!!!??!
Looking forward to seeing the quilt completed......sooo envious of all that throat space :0) (some day, some day)

Jessica said...

Looks great! Can't wait to see it finished!