Monday, March 23, 2020

Day 10

10 houses on the wall.   I made a wonky roof for a bit of variety.  I won't say that I am going stir crazy, it is far too soon for that.  
Yesterday we began to put up tile in the hall bathroom.  I was very sore and tired by the end of the day.  
 Today I needed a less strenuous project.  I had a stack of extra t-shirt parts from memory quilts.  I turned them into this tidy stack of cleaning rags. 
The sunrise was beautiful again today!  It is easier to maintain appropriate social distancing early in the morning.  There were a few random joggers and yoga people, but everyone stays spread out. 
Most of the rest of the day was spent figuring out how to use distance learning tools.  I thought I was signed up to teach Google Classroom which I love and use all the time.  Somehow I instead ended up teaching Google Hangouts/Google Meet which I had never used before today.  After several practice calls to teachers and administrators at school I feel marginally competent.  Because of the social distancing, we are allowed to meet with groups of no more than 5 teachers at a time for 2 hours followed by a half hour break for sanitation before the next group comes in.  We are supposed to sit very far apart and not touch anyone.  So that is what I will be doing for the next few days. 
It is going to feel really strange to leave the house and go into school after all the home isolation.  I'll have to wear real pants -- and shoes!  Not sure what we will do if a total lock down happens before tomorrow.  Florida does not seem to be headed in that direction,  though lots of businesses and companies are coming up with stronger rules.  Kurt is on a 14 day quarantine because a guy came into the office after being out of the country. Another couple of guys are on quarantine because they were in New York.  The kids are all busy with distance learning now so it feels a lot less like vacation than it did last week.    


The Joyful Quilter said...

Nice progress on the hall bathroom, Angela!! Good luck with the Google teaching change and meeting at school tomorrow. LOVE that quirky rooftop on yesterday's house!

Linda said...

I've been enjoying your daily updates. Love the view from your sewing room (last post), and your sunrises are really gorgeous. Your cute little houses are coming along! Good luck with the tiles. Maybe you should video it for DIY Network. ;)

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

You need a long bath and an Ibuprofen for the soreness. Yesterday was the first work day of Illinois shut down. WAY too many cars on the road as I drove to work. Stay safe.

Susie H said...

The bathroom looks like it's coming along great but I can only imagine the soreness. Thanks for the sunrise picture. I too find less people out the earlier I walk the dog. Nature is beautiful that early in the day.

Kate said...

The social distancing has been different. The college girl is taking all her classes on line now. Love the house blocks.

Deb A said...

The neighborhood of houses is growing. Stay safe. It will be interesting to see how the virtual learning goes for us next week. I believe our teachers go tomorrow to get acclimated to the new 'normal'.