Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Day 4

Home day number 4.  My house today is purple because I was working on a purple block.  
 After lunch walks is a nice part of Kurt working from home.  The weather was beautiful again and the beaches were packed, but we stayed well away from the crowds.  There was a big group of teenage girls making a tic-toc video on the steps, but everyone else was pretty segregated.
I made a quick quilt delivery this morning to a friend waiting for test results.   Don't worry, we kept plenty of distance.  I took this photo from across the street.  We had our first Covid-19 in the county today and the total is up to 173 for the state.  They closed down bars and night clubs, so I guess that is off the to do list.  Just kidding, that was never on my spring break list.  

After finishing off Tiny Tuesday yesterday I needed a new project.  New York Beauty is next on my list.  
 There were 7 blocks done, so I pulled out the freezer paper and drafted the purple one this morning.  My curved piecing was a little rusty, but I'm sure it will come back to me soon.  These blocks take a really long time which sounds just perfect right now. 
We are having sheet pan fajitas for dinner tonight and are planning to start watching the Mandalorian together after that. 


Andrea said...

Your NYB blocks are super gorgeous. Love, love, love. Also, how great is it to deliver a quilt to someone who is facing a challenge? The joy on their face always makes it so worthwhile. Andrea xx

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

beautiful NYB - I wish we had your sun - maybe next week these rainy days are going to last awhile

Angie said...

I was hoping New York Beauty would make another appearance!

The Joyful Quilter said...

Looking forward to seeing this BEAUTY of a quilt progress, Angela!!

Teresa said...

I love the NY Beauty and all its color. Have never seen flying geese used in a NYB and I think it looks great. I would love to do a house block quilt, and maybe next year I will following your Rainbow colors.

Susie H said...

Very pretty, Angela. I like the way your documenting your corona-cation day by day. Nice house blocks!

Julierose said...

Love that purple house--those NY Beauty blocks are so pretty....
stay safe hugs, Julierose

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Linda said...

NYB really is a beauty! Yum on the sheet pan fajitas and yay on walks together on the beach.