Friday, March 20, 2020

Day 7

 House number 7 marks the end of one week of "isolation"  it doesn't really feel real at the moment.  Lots of things are still open and the beaches are full.  I know that California and Pennsylvania have started more severe lock downs, but even restaurants are still open here.  They are only allowed 50% capacity and can seat every other table, but the aren't closed yet.  We are starting to know more people showing symptoms though and going in for testing, so staying home still feels safer to me.
We got updates from College board about AP testing and reading and it sounds like the CDC is starting to think about this thing going on for quite a bit longer.  Summer reading is now online and the test will only cover a portion of the curriculum.
 I had a morning run this bright and early and saw lots of people out and about.  Also, lots of jelly fish.  They are closing all the beach parking lots as of today, but the ocean will still be available for anyone within walking distance.
I got the NYB blocks put together last night which left me looking for another project.  I'm feeling the effects of short attention span lately and will think about borders and backing and such at a later date.  
Next up in the UFO bins was this Row by Row quilt from 2015.  I collected together 5 blocks, but never could figure out a way to make them fit together.  Some are vertical, some are horizontal.  Some are batik, some are applique.  And so it sat, and sat.  I pulled it all out this morning and got these three blocks ironed on before deciding to take the two vertical blocks and put them together to make a table runner or wall hanging.  Reversible maybe.  I'll toss the rest into the scrap bin and move on with life.  Like I said, short attention span right now.
Honestly, other than ongoing RSC projects, the pickings are getting a bit slim.  I have an long term mini log cabin quilt, a Dear Jane which needs some work on borders and a Farmer's Wife which barely even got started.
I'll need to get my sewing space moved over to the master bedroom to make room for more incoming college students, while I am getting all that organized, I can figure out what is next.  


The Joyful Quilter said...

Week one and row one done. Stay well, dear Angela!!

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

The NYB quilt looks nice. Keep on walking on the beach. Fresh air is good. Illinois will be sheltering in place starting tomorrow. Not me, since home health workers are considered essential.

Dee W said...

The Ducks are cute!.. It would be a great runner for the back of your toilet, or make it into a sewing machine cover! Cheery Cheery. I'm in Iowa, our restaurants are closed, the grocery stores are busy busy, other things are open at their own discretion.