Sunday, April 24, 2011

Boat Day

On Good Friday Kurt thought we should have a family outing.
We rented a power boat and puttered around the river for the day.  The river is what they call the inter-coastal waterway around here. 
The kids took turns driving and riding along on a tube behind the boat. We saw dolphins and pelicans but no manatees. 
They have already decided that we should rent a boat every year on Good Friday.

Today I spent all afternoon and most of the evening grading the free response questions from Thursday and Saturday's  practice AP exams.  Four questions on each exam for 50 students who have taken a test so far makes 200 essays scored.  If I never see and FRQ again it might just be to soon.  I've still got one more practice session next Saturday, and after that, I think a multiple choice final will be just fine. 


Melinda said...

How lucky your new students are to have you. That's a lot of your time you are giving them. Your dh was right, the family boating outing looked so special. I agree with the kids, it should be an annual activity - a new tradition.

Amanda said...

What a wonderful time you all had, especially the children I'm sure. I'll bet the girls' hair was difficult to comb after that! It sounds as if the exam marking has been 'fun', you'll be glad to be finished with it.

Scrappy quilter said...

Sounds like a cool family tradition to have started on Good Friday. Looks like a whole lot of fun. Hugs

Retrogirl said...

Congrats on getting through 200 essays! A well deserved break on the water, for sure. Looks like gorgeous weather!
Best Wishes,

Amy said...

Oh, you make me feel so wimpy! I (thankfully) only have 4 students who are taking the AP Stats exam, and since I haven't had them since January (block semester schedule), I've handed out review materials to them, BUT haven't done much in the form of a formal review. I know it would be different if I had them all-year-long, is what it is.

And.....LOVE LOVE the boating pics! What a different weather environment you and I come from considering I'm looking out the window right now seeing snow flurries! **sigh** We are SO READY to have more consistency to the warmer days that have been sprinkled here-n-there throughout April. So, keep showing those sunny-day pictures to keep my spirits up :0)

You MUST be nearing 4 weeks??? Absolutely insane how suddenly the end of the year has shown its (lovely) "ugly" head :0)

Deb A said...

Hope you had a good week and were able to sew a little. I'm finishing up a few things and realized I have not done anything with my purple pile all month. Oops... guess I'll wait and see what color is for May... and keep that out as I pack up everything else for a bit.