Thursday, July 21, 2011

Midget Parade

I've been working steadily away at my Midgets while travelling these past two weeks.   There is just one more left undone which should last for the trip home.  These are all applique or hand pieced blocks that I prepped before we left home years and years ago.  So now, without further ado, the Midget Madness Parade!
This block was appliqued at Thanksgiving but needed to have embroidered stems.  It is number 56
This block was English Paper Pieced.  I started it at Thanksgiving, worked a bit more at Christmas and finally gave up and called it done on Summer Vacation.  I'm still not sure how hexagons can turn into a square, but I'm done worrying about it.  It is number 58 and is called Diamond Field. 

This one was appliqued onto four squares and then trimmed down before being sewn together.  It is called Twist and Turn and is number 66.

This one was nice and simple, just like an easier Dresden Plate really.  I used freezer paper to round the corners and then hand pieced the wedges before applying it to background fabric.  It is called Four Leaf clover and is number 70. 

This one was straight forward applique.  It is called Bride and is number 74. 
This one is Tempting Tulip and is number 87.  I feel a little funny about the blocks that were not part of the original quilt.  I think they are cute, but it does seem like cheating to use these instead of the original patterns. 
Dotty Daisy is number 88 and is also not from the original quilt. 
Block 97 is called Western Rose.  I'm tickled pink with the way it turned out. 

Block 119 is called Carolina Favorite.  It is one of those blocks that uses applique of squares that have already been sewn together into four patches.  I think this is a really pretty block.  It was supposed to have the little outer petals split into two colors, but I simplified it just a bit and I think it turned out fine.  It is one of the few blocks that didn't use a solid colored background fabric so I hope it doesn't stand out in the end. 

So far I have completed 53 blocks with a total of 1645 pieces

That's it for the Midgets on Parade.  Now I just have to go back and do the pieced blocks in between. 


Amy said...

Lovely parade of applique Midgets Angela. Someday...someday....I'll catch up to you :0)

Quilter Kathy said...

A fabulous parade of unique got alot accomplished!

BillieBee (billiemick) said...

They all turned out great!

Jan Maree said...

1645 block? Are you serious? Well I shall enjoy seeing the progrss you make coz I am never likely to join you! Love the blocks! How big are they?

Mary Marcotte said...

I love these little blocks and wish I had your stamina....there's no way I'd get past, oh, maybe three or four. The fabrics are beautiful. I can't wait to see them on your design board together. How many are many left?

Elly D said...

Your midget blocks are wonderful. If I wasn't already on the long journey with my Dear Jane blocks I'd be seriously tempted. Ellyx