Sunday, December 4, 2011

Bouncing Around

I wasn't quite sure what I wanted to work on today.  A couple of things I've ordered recently have started coming in, leaving me wanting to try them all out at the same time.  I've always wanted to make a Double Wedding Ring Quilt, and thought it might be easier with a die to cut the pieces.  I'm calling that my Christmas present to me, and it came on Friday along with a 2.5 inch square die.  So I spent some time playing around with that yesterday until I ran out of the right pieces.  I might cut some more tonight to make enough for a small table runner or wall hanging type quilt in Christmas colors. 
Then this piece of fabric came in from Spoonflower.  I don't remember where I saw the link, but someone had made a periodic table quilt and I thought it would be cool to hang in my classroom.  I didn't start on that though, maybe it would be a good project for Winter Break? 
I started in on step 3 of Orca Bay of course.  Most of the half square triangles are cut out and some have started to work through as I was trying to finish off other things.  I'm just about done with the brown four square, I've just got a few more blocks to finish up.  I prepped some more bow-tie blocks to the collection, but not much has happened since then.  After all of that hopping around though, I thought it would be nice to actually finish something.  So out came the rainbow crumb parade that has been draped patiently on the frame, waiting for me to feel like quilting again.  I had picked out some backing fabric already, so that got put together while Kurt took the kids to see the Muppet Movie this morning.  He hardly ever volunteers to see movies, so I was happy to let him go.  He was out of town at training all week, so the kids were glad to have some time with him, and I was thrilled to let him. 
Despite a fair amount of time in the sewing room today, I haven't got a single finished step to show.  Crumbs are about half done, squares are almost there, DWR is just a suggestion of a quilt and Orca Bay #3 is still just triangles.  I think I'll spend about an hour and see what I can accomplish before cleaning it up for the week.  Tomorrow is the BIG district competition for Academic Team, I've got training on Monday and Tuesday, there are exams to write and papers to grade......I'm guessing not much will happen during the week.  Winter break is coming up soon though, and I am thinking already about the sewing I'll get done. 


Darling Jill Quilts said...

I almost wish that I could've had a day of sewing on my own things... Instead, I worked on a raffle quilt all day long. sigh

Ellen said...

You certainly do have a lot going on - it keeps things interesting although I do like to get them done.

Weaveron Textile said...

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