Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Tiny Tuesday

I took the four square quilt on our Christmas trip for binding purposes.  It was going to be for charity, but Mom really liked it, so I left it for her to use.  That left midget blocks for the way home.  I finished three midget blocks in the car, though posting pictures to my blog exceeded the capabilities of my phone. We are finally home though and I wanted to fix the botched post before collapsing into my own bed for a nice change. I tend to get a lot of handwork done on long car trips and had used up all of the "official" Midget Blocks suitable for applique. Sentimental Stitches has a set of applique blocks available for purchase though, so I did a digital download of those to keep me busy on trips. 
This one is called Diamond Star.  It is supposed to have embroidery between the diamonds, but I might leave it as is. 
Next up is Rose of Sharon.  Notice the rose fabric that I found?  It was in a stack of red I dug out for the scraphappy giveaway. 
The last one had some silly name like flower number 7.  I think I will call it Trumpet Flower instead,  I am fond of the red fabric here, I think it looks like seeds. 


Deb A said...

Can't wait to see it. I've got 2 done... 3 to go before Saturday!

Amy said...

LOL....That's one LARGE Tiny block! :0)
I'm sure the pictures will get figured out....

Hm, perhaps I need to establish a TRUE 2012 goal of working on the midget blocks. I am SO far behind you now.

Awesome progress.

Ann Marie @ 16 Muddy Feet said...

LOL that is the largest tiny snowflake ever! Looks cool though. Never seen a pic that big on blogger before.

Lynne said...

The picture was so big I had to shrink your blog post to look at it! Are you sure you meant "tiny" Tuesday? LOL

Deb A said...

Ohhh. Those are really pretty! Great job on getting them done.. and I guess you already had seen about the midget applique blocks! Ignore my e-mail to you!