Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Tiny Tuesday - The Airplane

 Midget Block #55 is called The Airplane.  It was paper pieced in two easy-peasy sections with a minimum of fuss. 
Sydney was my helper while I worked on this block and happily sat on the floor matching up colorful fabrics from the 2.5 inch square drawer.  She even sewed them together into four patches before deciding we were finished and needed a break. I have the next block all ready to go, so I might go and get started on it now that everything is out and waiting.
Just 4 more days of school left this year!  Finals start this afternoon, so it really is just all about wrapping up all the loose ends.  I am signed up for a gifted endorsement class this summer and went to the first session last night.  It is all online, but we all met to practice logging in and get the book last night.
Kurt was home yesterday while they installed the new air conditioner -- finally!  He has just finished his big project at work and was looking forward to a nice relaxing day off.  I'm not sure why he thought having workers come and go all day would be restful, but the unit is installed and working properly now.  I'll try not to think about how much it costs to not be hot.  


Cyn said...

LOVE the airplane block. So cute! Darling 'model', too.
A/C brings so much relief during hot spells, the money doesn't enter into it. lol

Lynne said...

What a cute block!

Enjoy your last teaching week.

Deb A said...

Great block and love it in red. Glad you got some cool air in the house again with all these mid 90 temps. My MIL still has not turned her AC on for the year. Very hot in her house but she opens it up at night.

Ellen said...

Your block turned out really cute in red. I really enjoyed making this block - it went together so easily. Your daughter is adorable and I love that she is sharing an interest in quilting - lucky you!! I am glad to hear that your a/c is working again, personally, I think it is worth it at just about any cost.

Char said...

Great block!