Sunday, February 1, 2015

RSC15 Sampler February Block 1 - Marley

I have a Pinterest board of quilt blocks to try, and found this one pinned to it.  Though I followed the link back, there was not a tutorial to go with it.
 Most of the pieces for this block are pretty straight forward.  Flying geese can easily be cut using the companion angle for the goose part and the easy angle to make the background.  Because this block has two sized of geese, it needs two sized of strips.
From the darker pink, use a 3.5 inch strip to cut one dark triangle with the companion angle ruler.
From the background, use a 3.5 inch strip to cut 2 background triangles using the easy angle ruler.
From the lighter pink, use a 2 inch strip to cut 2 triangles with the companion angle ruler.
From the background fabric, use a 2 inch strip to cut 2  background triangles with the easy angle ruler
From the same strip of background fabric, cut one triangle using the companion angle ruler.
So far so good, right?
  The only problem was the wings on the bottom are rectangular to fill in the extra blank space.  After much consideration, I decided to go with the "make it bigger and trim it down later" school of thought.
 So with the easy angle ruler, I slid the fabric down to the 4.5 inch line and used the upright portion of the ruler to cut 2 longer background sections.  It ended up being a bit of overkill, but it worked just fine in the end.
 This block gets pieced in three rows.
For row 1, sew a background triangle to each side of the dark pink goose.  Press seams away from the pink.
For row 2, sew the three geese together with the background goose in the middle.  Alternate the blocks up and down.  Add a background triangle to either side.
For row 3, sew one of the longer background pieces to either side of a single goose.
 Sew the three rows together, making sure to match the center of the bottom goose up with the center of the row above.  There is extra fabric hanging off of either end, just trim it off after the block is sewn and pressed.
Your 6.5 inch unfinished block will now serve as the center of a sawtooth star block.  Sew the star points with the tutorial found here.   


Jo said...

That's quite a cute block

Jennifer said...

I'm behind on my sawtooth blocks (already!!!) but will catch up this week. will we need 25 pinks as well for the connector blocks? is that going to be a consistant number, or will it change from color to color?

Angie said...

I like this block. Thanks so much for working up a tutorial for us.

Magpie Sue said...

Thanks for sharing that block. It's a design I've never seen before. Makes for a really interesting star!

tudorc said...

I'm new to how the RSC project works. Will you be giving instructions for more pink blocks? Or is there only one pink?

Kathy's A Quilter said...

Angela, this block is wonderful. Takes a bit of focus but the results are stunning. Thank you...mine is done and awaiting Pink Block #2. In the meantime, there are other pink scraps calling my name.

Marsha Cooper said...

I assume the color for February is pink? If not, please let me know. Thanks! In the meantime I will work on rounding up what I have in pink for hexagons and get a picture of what I have to work with for the month. (I still am clueless on how to not be a no-reply blogger)

Nann said...

Amanda, can you confirm that February is pink? I want to get my projects in line.

Kate said...

Very unique and pretty!