Saturday, November 7, 2015

November Block 2 - Swamp Angel Star

Swamp Angel Star is a pretty block with a very strange name.  It is a minor variation of the Ohio Star block from earlier this month, so it should go together pretty quickly.  The corners are replaced with HST units, which gives it a nice dimensional look.
You will need 1.5 inch strips in green, green and background along with 2.5 inch strips in background and green.    
Place the 2.5 inch strips right sides together and use the easy angle ruler to cut 4 HST pairs.
Next, layer up the 1.5 inch strips and cut them with the easy angle ruler.  You will need 4 of background, 4 of brighter green and 8 of the other green.
Finally, cut a 2.5 inch square of green fabric.  Here are all of your pieces ready to go.  Go ahead and Sew the HST units together.
Next, start sewing the QST units, first into pairs and then into squares.  
Here are your finished subunits ready to go.
Sew them into a nine patch to make your finished star block.
Insert the block into your star points and you will be all set.  Tada!  Here is your last sampler for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge Sampler of 2015!


Kate said...

Another fun block. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone's sampler.

Deb A said...

I plan to sew my two blocks up today.... assuming I can get the kids out the door to grandma! Will have to go back and find the link for the number of alternate squares....

Nell's Quilts said...

And the final block gets finished today unless something comes up to bungle my plans.
Thank you for posting it so early in the month. There should be a few finished quilts in December (if not sooner for some eager beavers).

gayle said...

What a fun variation of Ohio star! (Terrible name, though...)

Delighted Hands said...

A very pretty one this month! (But they are all great !)