Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Dear Jane Again

It has been oh so long since Dear Jane saw any action.  I thought that yellow should get a little progress before the end of the yellow month.  The middle of the quilt is completely done.  All that is left now are the triangles.

 This is number three on the bottom row.  It was paper pieced in three easy sections.
Then came number 10 on the bottom row.  I had paper piecing patterns already printed, but they didn't seem to want to come together without inset seams.  Instead, I thought it would be fun to try English Paper piecing.  Look how much fun!  Just a few more pieces and then I will try to take out all the paper.
So much fun to have a home day!  


Kate said...

Looking forward to seeing your Rainbow Jane completed. It's such a pretty quilt.

Margaret said...

The only paper piecing that's been the least bit 'easy' for me is the English version -- so I'm happy to see you using it here. What a sunny project! Looking forward to seeing the results. :-)

Mari said...

EPP is the way to go for that one! This yellow section looks great.

Deb A said...

I'm glad dear Jane got to come out and play. That triangle looks great.

Pamela Arbour said...

I haven't finished my Dear Jane. Those borders are difficult. I wish you the best with them! You are ahead of me!