Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Tiny Tuesday #23 - Grandmother's Fan

I am working on a block for Tiny Tuesday, but it isn't quite done yet.  I have a template ready, but need in progress pictures and more detailed instructions.  I'll be able to work on it in the morning when I can get back to my machine again.  I actually went back to the new house this evening expecting to have some sewing time, but the smell of fresh polyurethane had me laying down the next coat and heading back to the old house again.  The freshly finished floors are so shiny!  I'll take pictures tomorrow.  We are doing it in phases so that we can still get things done in other rooms while the fresh floors have a chance to cure fully.
While all of that is happening, I'll also go back and revisit directions for last week's block as sadly, I was informed it was a quarter inch too small.  Also the number of background squares was off.  I'll get those fixed so that everything turns out as it should.  Thanks so much to everyone who is proofreading for me and letting me know when my math is off.  It is a bit of a crazy time right now, but I see sewing in my future. Our two houses will be merged fully within the next couple of weeks and the old house will be someone else's new house before the end of the month.
 Link to block directions so far.  

Print out the template from the google document provided.  
Cut out the template and gather 8 scraps of dark blue fabric.  
 Find a scrap of blue fabric large enough to entirely cover one fan blade the fabric goes on the back side of the template.
 To make sure the fabric is positioned correctly, center the fabric over the center wedge and temporarily pin it in place.  By holding it up to a sunny window or a light source, you can see the fabric through the template.
 fold the template back on the top edge of the center wedge, creasing along the line.
 With the template folded back, trim the excess fabric so that a quarter inch seam allowance remains
 Place the next wedge, right sides together and sew along the line that you just creased.  Repeat this procedure along the other side of the center wedge.  The advantage of sewing to either side instead of starting at one end and working down is that you can sew two wedges at a time before going to the ironing board to press.
Continue folding and trimming before each new wedge is added.  
 When all 8 fan blades are sewn, you will have something that looks like this.  Trim the curved edge, leaving a quarter inch seam allowance.  Feel free to leave a tiny bit extra on the outside edges.  Turn the curved edge under to prepare for applique.  You can do needle turn, back baste or use the applique method of your choice.  I think I mentioned that I'm a freezer paper fan.

Place this fan on top of a square that is just slightly larger than 5 inches.  I like a little bit of wiggle room in my applique blocks so that I can square them all up later in case the edges get frayed.  I tend to carry prepped applique blocks along with me, so they can get a little wrinkled along the way.
Prepare a smaller quarter circle from the template and applique it on top of the fan blades.  You could also just trim this edge with a quarter in seam allowance just like the outside edge, I just thought the dimensional effect would be nicer if the center was visually on top.  
In case you don't like applique, you can also use curved piecing to sew the three pieces together.  I have been known to do curved piecing from time to time, but maybe not on this scale.  The choice is yours!
This block will be set straight in the finished quilt.

Here is a link to the PDF version


Leigh said...

I made the butterfly block and it was the right size. I did need to cut a couple extra background squares but it turned out the way others quilters did. Thanks for doing the Tiny Tuesday blocks for us. I have now followed you since 2017.Maybe someday I will get the courage to start a blog!

Susie H said...

I made the butterfly block and, yes, it was 1/4" short. However, at the beginning of this journey, you suggested oversizing the border strips, which I did. My butterfly block is a perfect 7-1/2" square! It's all good and I'm glad you're able to get so much done on your new house. Congratulations!

Sandra Walker said...

The butterfly block is too small; it just needs the bottom two oranges pieces to be 2.5" squares. Because the top two rectangles, which are on their long ends, are set at 3 X 2.5", 3 + 2.5 - 0.5 seam allowance = 5" unfinished! Yes, you need two more background squares which I cut at 1.5", so you have 4 @ 1.5" and 4 @ 1.75"! All good. I'm living under a major house reno, so I appreciate the brain farts! :-)

MissPat said...

No big deal with the butterfly. It's not like large amounts of fabric were wasted. Given the current house(s) situation, it's quite understandable that a tiny goof snuck in. Don't beat yourself up. You have more important things to stress about.

The Joyful Quilter said...

Great news that the duel home zone is about to be a thing of the past!! Things happen, so don't worry about the measurements and templates for the TT blocks. You'll set things to rights in good time. We appreciate all the work you put into doing the tutorials for us. Summer's coming!!!

Birthe Marie said...

My butterfly block was a little scanty, but I thought it was me who hadn't been careful enough with the seam allowance. I think I can leave it as it is and that it works fine when the frame is sewn on. Good luck with the work in the new house! :-)