Monday, August 12, 2019

First Day of School!

I went into school yesterday to make sure that everything was ready for the big first day today.  Sometimes I enjoy throwing absolutely everything into a big stack and just working my way down.  
 By the end of the day, I was left with just a few notes and a nice "to do" list of non criticals.
 This was my favorite sunrise from the week.  I think it was from Wednesday.  Sunrise shots are going to be harder to come by as the days get shorter.  We left early to get the class pet situated today and I rushed out with hardly a glance toward the horizon. 
I did get Tiny Tuesday ready for tomorrow morning.  You may have seen that Libby made a makeup block for last Tuesday after I missed it completely.  Thanks Libby!  I added one more and both will show up bright and early tomorrow.  I got another quilt loaded onto the frame after I finished Ryan's college quilt.  This one was made by a friend of my husband's from work.  I was trying out thread colors, and the basic answer was that every color worked.  We decided to go with a neutral grey.  The back is pink, so I managed to find the thread after dinner tonight.  
It will be nice to finally get everything settled in properly.  As soon as I think we are making progress, something comes along and resets the goal post.  Last week we had a contractor in to add a door to Sydney's room.  While he was here, we decided to take advantage and move a few things around.  Now we are getting used to doors in new places and cleaning up construction dust all over again.  It is all moving in the right direction though.  
Most exciting news of the week?  We have a pantry!  There used to be a coat closet off of the front entry.  Who needs a coat closet in Florida?  So we just had the door moved to the other side, which is in the dining room/kitchen.  With just a few oddly shaped parallelogram shelves, there is lots of room for food, brooms and other goodies.  I've got a lesson plan which needs a bit of work before bed and then I'd better get some rest before day number 2.  That is when all the good behavior from day 1 starts to wear off.  


earthmotherwithin said...

Great pantry! What a good idea. Good luck with your first week!

Kathy S. said...

Welcome back to school. Hope it is a great year for you. Our school in our area of Ohio starts on 8/21. It's funny that you mentioned that the good behavior wears off by the second day. Isn't that the truth. I know our son will have a great day on the first day of school... It's the second and third days of school that get my attention. Love your approach with the big stack of things that dwindle down to the little things. Great idea!

Susie H said...

Glad to hear 1st day of school went well. Sorry that the "good behavior" starts wearing off on day 2 but it made me laugh. Hope I'm laughing with you!

Thanks for the 2 TT patterns for this week. I'm sure everyone understood that life just got in the way for you. You are one busy gal! The dust will settle soon enough. Have a good day today!

Sara said...

Awesome pantry. We did the exact same thing in our house. The coat closet by the front door is huge, so we converted the small one by the back door into a pantry. The extra storage has been wonderful.

Hope your school year is great.

The Joyful Quilter said...

Nice work on getting your classroom ready. That sunrise is pretty incredible. Congrats on your new pantry, a MUCH better use of that space!!

Kate said...

Progress at work and home, so a really good week. Hopefully you have some chance for some recovery sewing this weekend.