Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Tiny Tuesday - Hourglass Small

 Here are the Hourglass blocks in three sizes.   You may choose your favorite size or make all three if you have the motivation.  Scroll down for medium and large, this post is for the small size. 
 Start with 3 inch squares.  You will need 5 of blue and 5 of background.  This will make 10 hourglass units so there will be one extra in case one gets wonky.  Wonky can happen when things get tiny. 
 Place background and blue squares right sides together and draw a line down the center. 
 Sew on either side of the drawn line and cut the two halves apart.  Repeat for all 5 pairs of squares. 
 Press the seams toward the blue. 
 Pair the HST units together with the blue and white on opposite sides, and draw a line down the center.  Sew on either side of the drawn line and cut the two units apart. 
 Look at how cute those are!  Press each unit rotating seams and getting them as flat and square as possible.  Thankfully they are slightly over sized, so perfect is not necessary. 
 Now for the trimming.  Each unit will be 2 inches unfinished which means that the center for squaring up is at 1 inch.  Trim two sides. 
 Rotate the block and trim the other two side resulting in a 2 inch square
 Arrange your nine patch with the blues alternating. 
Sew the nine patch together and you are done.  Press the seams open as much as possible to try to get it all to lie flat.  Its a lot of seams, so don't stress about it.