Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Tiny Tuesday - Hourglass Choose a Size

We've actually done hourglasses already for this quilt, but it is such a great design element, that I though it might be fun to play with it just a bit this week.  Depending on how energetic you are feeling, it is a nice pattern to do in a variety of sizes.  I'll start with the large and work my way down to the small.  You can choose the size you like best, or make all three if you are feeling extra this week.  

 The largest block will finish at 4.5 inches, which means that the unfinished block is 5 inches.  In order to allow for oversizing and seam allowances, you should start with 6 inch squares.  One blue and one white will yield two finished blocks. 
 Layer your 6 inch squares right sides together and draw a line down the center of the white square from corner to corner.  Sew on either side of the drawn line using a quarter inch seam allowance. 
 Cut on the drawn line.  Trim the dog ears if you like.
 Press the seams on both blocks toward the blue fabric. 
 Rotate one block and layer right sides together so that the blue and white are layered on top of one another. 
 Draw a line from corner to corner perpendicular to the existing seam and make sure that the seam allowances are nestled snugly in the center.  Sew again a quarter of an inch on either side of the drawn line. 
Cut on the drawn line to result in two hour glass blocks. 
 Rotate the seams and press so that the center of the block lies nice and flat. 
 The center of the 5 inch unfinished block is 2.5 inches.  Using that center point as a reference, trim the slightly over sized block first on one corner. 
 And then on the next to make a 5 inch unfinished block. 
 Here is the finished block.  I chose the one out of my two with the nicest points in the center.  I'll be back soon with the medium and smaller sizes.  Wish me luck!
 Exciting news on the home front!  I started to officially assemble my sewing studio this weekend.  First I had to clear out all the refuse left my my daughter as she went off to college.  So far it is mostly stashed in the room next door belonging to my son who also went off to college.  One step at a time. 
I did lots of laundry that they were kind enough to leave behind, did massive cleaning and started to unpack so many fabric goodies that I have not seen in o so long.  It was a little bit like Christmas all over again.  
I didn't get everything done yet, because the air conditioning decided to break this weekend and it was toasty!  It got fixed just in time for us all to start the tropics watching as Dorian seems to be headed in our general vicinity.  This will be our first potential hurricane living in a mandatory evacuation zone, so there will be lots of things to think about in the next few days.  The kids at school are all rooting for school cancellation of course.  We will have to wait and see how things develop in the next couple of days.  

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LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

Thanks for the all the hourglass block tutorials! I'll enjoy making this one. Even though having kids move out for college is always filled with mixed feelings, it sounds great to be able to use that space for your sewing. Have fun getting it all organized the way you want!