Saturday, September 28, 2019

ScrapHappy Saturday - Last Purple Day

It will be sad to say goodbye to purple.  The month is almost over though, and it is time to start the last new color this year.  I know some of you have an extra month planned, but it nice to have some time at the end to start turning some of those blocks into quilts.  I know some of us also have catching up to do.  Somehow the middle of this year really got away from me!

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Katie Z. said...

Somehow I have plenty of catch up to do too!

Kate said...

Catching up is an understatement, I'm years behind on finishing off RSC projects.

Susie H said...

Excited to be coming to an end and already planning next year's RSC2020!


Hey--does putting purple in my new bathroom here count for this month??? (so far just throw rugs in dark purple and new towels in light purple!!!
luv, di

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