Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Tiny Tuesday - Lantern

I'm stuck on one inch strips again.  Something about the math for this size block just makes it so easy.  Tiny pieces, but simple math.  Start with 5 purples and one or more background fabrics.  
 Cut one inch strips from each and trim them to the following lengths:
1 5 inch strip
2 4 inch strips
2 3 inch strips
2 2 inch strips
2 1 inch squares
I arranged mine from dark in the middle to lighter at the ends, feel free to mix it up to work with whatever scraps you have on hand.
From background fabric you will need the following lengths
4 2.5 inch strips
4 2 inch strips
4 1.5 inch strips
4 1 inch squares

 Arrange your purple strips with the long in the middle and the shorter strips stepping down in length on either side.
 Now arrange the background strips with the longest sizes on either side at the top and bottom and the shortest closest to the center.
 Sew the background strips to either side of the purple pieces.  Press the seams toward the purple.
Sew the rows together in pairs working from the top and the bottom.    Sew the pairs together, and finally sew each side onto the center purple strip.  That's it!  I know they are tiny pieces, but it came together so quickly.  I know I say this a lot, but I could easily make an entire quilt of this block.
I'm so glad to have a nice easy one tonight.  School has been crazy.  We are trying to squeeze in the three days missed from Dorian.  Three labs in 2 days and there is stuff everywhere!  I'll have to get it all cleaned up eventually, but for now it is happy chaos.  


The Joyful Quilter said...

Nice block, Angela. Thanks!

Jo said...

That is a great easy one you could make a few at a time

Joni said...

Oh, I think this is my new favorite block! Thanks Angela!

grammajudyb said...

OMG...I’m falling behind!

grace morgan said...

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