Friday, August 1, 2008

Abandonment Issues and School Shopping

I feel so sad every time I walk through the laundry room. My Dad's Plaids blocks are sitting there next to the machine so patiently. They are just waiting for those last few seems until all of the blocks are finished. I thought I was going to get everything done before the in-laws showed up, but I just missed my goal and so left them there, hoping to get back to them soon. That was before Jamaica, before my shift to back to school preparations. I think when a project gets abandoned suddenly along the way it's harder to pick it back up. Now it's not just a matter of finishing those last few blocks, but also remembering where I was headed, how many blocks I needed, how they were going to go together. Actually, the blog is good for "remembering" those little details. Kurt is planning to go out tonight to listen to one of his friends from work who is in a band. Maybe I'll take that as an opportunity to wade back in.
I spent the morning in my classroom starting the preparations for the new year. I cleaned out my desk drawers, prepared student files and set up my grade-book. I'm trying to put off doing anything that involves putting students names on things, because those always seem to change at the last minute. Basically it's just clerical work, but the more I can get done now, the less stress I'll have next week. I have my own little routine and checklist of all of the things that need to get done before classes start on August 13, now I just need to slowly work my way through the list.
Kurt is going out of town again, so today was my only chance to get a jump on things. I was feeling smug for all my hard work, and so treated myself to lunch out and a shopping trip for back to school clothes. Kurt calls my work clothes "the frumpy teacher wardrobe". It doesn't worry me though, I'm more concerned about comfort and functionality than fashion. Best of all, I had a gift card for Kohl's, so it cost very little. After the shopping I went to go see Mama Mia! I guess it didn't get the best of reviews, but I quite enjoyed it. Beautiful scenery, good music, and a funny, if slightly silly plot. It was reassuring to see people looking like real people, and not Hollywood starlet's. After seeing Sex and the City, it was nice to see more realistic versions of middle aged people. Pierce Brosnon is a horrid singer, but it was still enjoyable.


Candace said...

I had to laugh. I read what your husband said about your 'frumpy teacher wardrobe', and then down below was the picture of the two of you on vacation, and I imagined you taking your hair down from it's bun and giving it a shake. Just like on TV. Good luck on the plaid quilt, they are usually some of my favorites.

Amanda said...

The only problem with the 'teacher wardrobe' is that the darn things just don't wear out! After a year of retirement I'm still wearing my school clothes. I'd love to buy myself some new casual clothes, but feel I need to wear out the old stuff first - mind you, I think the charity shop is going to benefit soon, as so many places have sales on now.