Sunday, August 3, 2008

Sharks are Done

I just finished sewing the binding on the chondrichthyes quilt. Wow did it come together fast. Admittedly, it is a very simple design but I'm still happy with a finish. So that makes 2 in the marine science series. I couldn't help going online last night and browsing at Hancock's of Paducah for more animal themed fabric. Actually, now that I think of it, plants would work as well. I've never seen bacteria fabric, or protists for that matter. Maybe mushroom are out there, I really should be fair to all the kingdoms I suppose. I've still got penguin and manatee fabric sitting in wait, so I suppose I shouldn't be in a huge hurry to shop for more fabric. Somewhere I saw a box jelly quilt that Lisa Boyer had made with some sort of bias strips. Now that I think about it, I have some snakes and maybe a rooster or two as well. OK, I' stop before I get carried away.
Kurt's gone again. He'll be back on the redeye on Thursday just in time to miss my first day back at school. He was nice enough to arrange a babysitter though until he gets home. I think the kids and I will go to CiCi's pizza for dinner, I try to save special treats for when Dad is out of town. Then Anna needs some new sneakers for school. She's hit a growth spurt recently and outgrown everything. Maybe she won't be the shortest in her class this year!


Julie said...

Waaah! :0( Ihave to start back to school tomorrow! The kids come back Thursday. Where did the summer go? I can remember when we were counting down the days until school was out.
Love your marine science quilts!

Candace said...

Great marine science quilts. Your wonky letters look great, and I am liking those strippy quilts more and more.

Amy said...

whew---catching up on your posts---I've been out-n-about lately

First---boo-hoo that you already have school starting THIS WEEK!!! WOW!!! Thankfully I still have two full weeks before I have inservice. Stupid Wisconsin rule-----"no going back to school until after Labor Day." Stupid because most of the time I'm ready to go back mid-August and would like to get out in May again.....but nope. June is our "exit time" now.

Anyway---Glad to see you've made progress on Dad's Plaids. I can't wait to see it finished!
Running---woo-hoo! Glad you enjoyed your 10-miler! I'll have to catch up my running on my blog----tune in maybe tonight (Monday).

And regarding "Chondrichthyes." a) I couldn't pronounce it if you wanted me to; b) unless you're a sci teacher, NO ONE will know that some are groups, and some are classes, and some are orders!; and c) YEAH! Glad you had a quick motivated finish!

Try to enjoy your last few days!

Tonya Ricucci said...

what a fun quilt - I love your whole series. yes, definitely mushroom fabric out there. here are two:

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