Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Chaos -- More or Less?

I cut out some setting triangles for my crumble chaos blocks and set them together in a lap sized quilt. Having no more specific option in mind, I was thinking of making several quilts for the nursing home trip with the Girl Scouts. So I got them all laid out, enjoying the colors and the freedom and then called my husband over to look at them. First his jaw dropped in confusion and then he asked he asked what effect I was trying to achieve. Is it that much over the top? He doesn't think the elderly will enjoy that much color. Specifically, he thought if everyone got to choose a quilt, that the poor person left to choose last would have to take this one and be really unhappy. Harsh, isn't he? So I changed out the blocks to make it less chaotic. Still, is it all that strange or is he just being too conventional?
Today was just a regular day. Everyone is starting to settle down into routines. Sydney made a new friend in her class. Anna met two new girls on the bus. Ryan had a good time at recess. I spent the evening calling potential Girl Scout leaders and trying to talk them into starting new troops. Everyone has the same story, so busy, too many things to do, not enough hours in the day. I'll keep plugging away, it's so sad to think of all those little girls with no troop to go to. I'm always tempted to try to trump them on the I'm too busy excuse, but that would be counter productive I think.


Meisje said...

I would pick this quilt! I like the colors.

Tell Kurt to go play volleyball and leave the quilting to the expert.

BTW, I can't run Saturday am (Kyle has a CC meet, Sierra has her bday party). How does Sunday look?

Quilt Pixie said...

I absolutely love these! (The first one the mostest). I think the riot of colour and energy is just perfect for a nursing home -- wont show the dirt, brings life and colour into people's lives... But guess it takes all kinds...

Amy (lilme2_99) said...

I very much like these quilts----but I'm a bright, happy, and hyper individual :0)
However, I would tend to agree with QuiltPixie----the "energy" would be just perfect for a nursing home!

Julie said...

Your crumb quilts are great! My husband sometimes doesn't "get" my quilts either so I just ignore him. LOL. So glad that your kids are back into school and they look so happy. Anna looks just like you in that shot.
It looks like Gustav will miss you. I hope so. But then there's Hannah. We are hoping they won't do anything to us more than bring lots of rain.