Thursday, August 21, 2008

Finally, an Outing

We finally managed to make it out of the house today! Most of the storm seems to have moved out of our area, and the rain has let up enough to let some of the flooding recede. We were going to take everyone to see the new 3-D movie, Fly me to the Moon, but it was only playing at one theater which is closed "until further notice" . Instead we ended up at Pump it Up, our local inflatable indoor play place. We took two of Anna's friends, one who was over for a sleepover, and the other who was a neighborhood friend who was over to play. We met up with some more of our friends from the neighborhood, so it was a festive time. Then we went to Jason's Deli for lunch and had even more ice cream, which seemed to make all the kids very happy. The deli is right next to the fabric store, so I could pick up backing fabric for Dad's Plaids. So Mom was very happy as well. I think Ice Cream, Pizza and Cheeto's may be the secret to tropical storm survival.

When we went into an actual subdivision to drop children off, we could see extensive flooding and several roads that still looked impassible. Kurt is going back to work tomorrow, although there will be people missing because they still can't make it out of their houses. I'm back to school as well, although public schools are still not back in session. We have a sitter coming for the morning which should help keep the kids entertained. Time will reveal the extent of all the damage, but we are starting to get back to real life again.
I'm itching to go start putting the borders on my quilt and get the back laid out, but I need to remember what I am teaching tomorrow and see if I need to prepare anything. I'm guessing the kids will have forgotten everything in the three days we've been gone, but we will all do the best we can. I seem to remember that we were going to the library for forensic science and we were burning candles in chemistry. Yes, I think that sounds about right. Maybe I can go do a little sewing after all, I should be good to go for school.


Amy (lilme2_99) said...

I've been thinking of you all week, everytime I manage to get a glimpse of the weather. Things have been so crazy this week that I haven't been able to log in and check blogs---seriously! I am so thankful that the hurricane was a tolerable one for you; although you may have been (still are??) losing your mind with the kids???? :0) Weather patterns can be just crazy within our nation! We are crying out to have some rain up here in Wisconsin; although this summer has NOT been anywhere near as HOT and dry as normal.

Onto the other "important" topic (as you stated it a few posts back)...*wink*
Dad's Plaids looks AWESOME!!!! I don't know if it matters anymore, but....regarding your question about the borders.....psht! It's a scrap quilt (nicely organized scrap quilt, mind you), so those lighter borders really look just fine!

Once again---so good that things are okay. THANK YOU SO MUCH for the updates! DH and I were in a bit of awe looking at your "flip-flop" tree shots.

Julie said...

Wow! I can tell I have been busy with school b/c I usually don't miss a new post from you and you have posted several!
Gosh darn it!! I will keep my fingers crossed that you won't have any more weather problems to mess with your school year. Poor little kindergartener!!!

Amanda said...

Strange isn't it, how great the holidays are and then when we're back how much we look forward to having days off, but enforced days off can be so frustrating, probably because we've got everything planned out and it seems such a waste. Glad you've all survived without too many problems, and hope you soon get back to normal.