Monday, August 18, 2008

First Day of School

Anna and Ryan both hopped on the bus this morning for their first day of school. They aren't nearly as excited about going back as Sydney. She is still so sad that they get to go to school before her. She is sure she is being cheated out of three days of possible fun and games.
We are still watching Fay, wondering if there will be second day of school. Several local districts have canceled, but ours is still listed as TBD. I'm guessing they will make a call after the 5:00 update, although they have been known to do it as early as at 5 a.m update in the morning. They come up with a new path every 3 hours, and each time it seems to shift a little more in our direction. It is not a major storm in any way, it should not cause any major disruptions. All it takes are gusting winds of tropical storm force winds during school bus times to keep the causeways off limits. So while we wait and watch the weather, I'm doing all the things you are supposed to do "just in case" turning the freezer to cold, making sure flashlights and batteries are ready to go, clearing debris out of the yard. It's amazing how much stuff collects out there. I understand the potted plants, yard furniture and bar-b-que grill, but why was there a pair of sandals in the rosemary bush? Yet another mystery to be pondered on a rainy day. I'm guessing we'll have a couple of those very soon. The first rain bands have already hit, now it's just a waiting game.

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