Monday, August 4, 2008

Ice Skating and Odds and Ends

Tonight was the boyscout back to school bash at a local ice skating rink. Anna loves to skate and took lessons a couple of years ago during the summer. Ryan has skated once or twice at a birthday party, and Sydney was a first timer. Anna went out and skated like an old pro. Ryan cautiously worked his way around the rink, slowly and methodically. After the first trip around I got Sydney a walker and she took off like a maniac. She went fast and fearless in every possible direction. She would fall down and then hop right back up and go again. The only time she cried all night was when I told her it was time to leave. Now she wants to take skating lessons. I must admit, it's a better fit for her than ballet. I'll have to check out the times for the next session and see it they are full yet.
Just two more days left until it's back to the grindstone. I finished up the binding and hanging sleeve for Chondrichthyes and added an extra hanging sleeve on Echinodermata. I'm not sure how, but the original sleeve ended up on the side rather than the top. I picked up some hooks so I can hang them in my classroom. I think I have the perfect place in mind. I got a call from the upper school principal today asking if I would be willing to teach an extra class this year. There are only two sections of regular chemistry and they are already over capacity. So, they've added another section during 4th period. So far there are only three students in it, but they can try to shift some of the others over before school starts. Even though I'll have an extra class, they are during the first four periods of they day, so I'll still be officially done teaching by 11:17 on a normal day. Not a bad schedule at all.
I'm down to one child tomorrow. Anna is in gymnastics camp this week and Sydney has her next to last day of preschool tomorrow. We've had at least one child at the same preschool for the last 6 years. It's going to be very emotional to see the last one leave. It will be very nice though, to put them all on the bus in the morning and have them all at the same school for the next 4 years. I'll try to talk Ryan into coming to school with me for an hour or so to do some decorating and organization in my room.


Amanda said...

Lots of luck for the new school year. It sounds like a good schedule, with plenty of time for marking and preparation. My boys used to love coming in to school with me for a day during the holidays - being allowed to charge around a school and play with the nursery toys and play football in the hall without anyone telling them off was bliss!

Amy (lilme2_99) said...

Angela, are you full-time? Done teaching at 11:17?? WOW! Or am I reading this wrong?

It's amazing how quickly we get back "into the swing of things." Hopefully your back-to-school time with be a swift transition. Yes, the summer flew by!