Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Last Day

This was the sight that awaited me when I rolled out of bed this morning. All three of the kids were huddled around the computer playing Super Chuzzle. You get points every time you get three in a row. They have discovered that if you click on certain chuzzles repeatedly they will burp or explode. What could be more fun than that.?
Because this is officially my last day of summer vacation, I decided just to putter around the house rather than trying to finish anything officially. I"m pretty caught up on laundry, the house is in decent shape, and the kids are all entertained. They are excited to have a sitter tomorrow, and Kurt is coming home on the redeye.
I made the letters for my next marine science quilt which is sirenia -- those are the manatees and dugongs. I'm going to go for a porthole effect and set the manatee fabric in circles into squares of each of the colored fabrics. Then to turn it back into a square I'll add sashing strips with piano keys of the colored fabrics. That's the plan anyway. We'll see how it comes together. I ran out to Home depot today and bought some wooden dowels and hooks so I can hang the finished quilts in my room at school. I think they will brighten the place up.

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