Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Little Storm That Could

Hurricanes are supposed to weaken over land. It is a well documented fact. So everyone is having trouble figuring out how Fay has gone from 60 to 65 mph since it entered the state this morning. She is supposed to exit the state right about where we live about 2 am and then sit out off the coast for a bit, giving her time to strengthen (just barely) to hurricane strength. Then she's going to boomergang back and hit us again. She is a quirky little storm to say the least. We've had a few power flickers, but so far it always comes back. The rain is more horizontal than vertical now, but we are all safe and sound inside.
I think I'm going to put some geese in opposite corners of my quilt and fill in with strips that are cut the the same length as the blocks. I thought about doing random length strips, but it just seemed too chaotic, the uniform length should add some order and will be easier to calculate as well.
The snickerdoodles turned out wonderfully and left the house smelling all warm and cinnamon fresh. It also kept the kids busy for a good bit of the afternoon, and gave them motivation to eat a good dinner. I enjoy multipurpose projects. I'm supposed to have girl scout leader's meeting tonight, but I'm not going anywhere right now.


Candace said...

I love plaid quilts, and I love snickerdoodles. Haven't had any for years, although I posted the recipe on my blog. Maybe I better make a batch, I bought some creme of tarter a month or so ago just for that purpose.

Julia said...

snickerdoodles!. I have never heard of them, but they yummy.
Thank you for coming by my blog.
I love your Dad's plaid quilt.

Anonymous said...

They look very yummy, is it ok to send a recipe out for me, Love the quilts you have been doing,
Happy stitching,
Take care