Sunday, August 31, 2008

Mostly Done

I have finished ALL the four patches and pinwheels for the first and second steps of the OTR mystery quilts. I haven't done the little angled bits for the diagonal setting yet, but I'm bleary eyed already after a late night last night. I have such a short attention span as a quilter. I think that is what makes it hard for my to do color controlled quilts. I had picked out a very pretty bundle of fat quarters with dusty shades of blue, green, red and beige. Well, after seeing the same green square go by a couple of hundred times I started to think I should branch out and started pulling different greens out of my stash. Then I remembered doing a pointalism exercise in high school art class and having to use complementary colors to add depth to the work. So out came the teals and the purples to liven up the bunch. So much for color controlled. I still need to press the pinwheels, but those little guys are really bulky in the middle and need to opened up and mushed flat before I get the iron out. Tomorrow is another day. I'm not even logging on to bloglines tonight because I know I would be too tempted to peek at the next step. I'm not very good about leaving presents alone under the Christmas tree either.


Amy (lilme2_99) said...

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!, no...not yet :0)
WOWSERS! Way to Go lady! You sure were crackin' the whip today! Glad you shared your progress and that I was able to peek in once again while away from home.
Night, night, sleep, tight, and have yet another "piece"ful day tomorrow.

Julie said...

It is very pretty! I have to get started on mine. Fortunately I have a lot of 4 patches already. But they are not as pretty as yours.

Rhonda said...

Very Pretty! Can't wait to see your next part!