Sunday, August 24, 2008

My Favorite Quilt

Amy over at Amy's Passions has just posted her 100th entry. As part of her giveaway, she is asking for favorite quilt stories. My favorite quilt (that I made) is a t-shirt quilt called Road to the Marathon. I made it to celebrate my first two marathons. Around the outside are all of the shirts from the shorter races I did in training, and then in the middle are my marathons, Space Coast and Miami. I looked and looked for running themed fabric, but couldn't find any. Instead I chose a bright tie dye with electric blue corner stones. The back is orange flannel and it is SO soft and cuddly. I later found running themed fabric, which is made into blocks, but still not put together in a quilt. So congratulations, Amy, on your 100th post. May it be the first 100 of many more to come.

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Amy (lilme2_99) said...

Oh, soooooooo cool! Ooooooo---I'm glad I put this stipulation in my 100th give-away. I can't wait to read all the postings.

This is SUCH a great idea----however, I can't see cutting up my very treasured shirts yet. I wear them almost daily, specially during the summer. And my 1st marathon shirt is one of those long-sleeved dry-wicking ones (marathon is in October, cold here) and I LOVE wearing it on my cooler training days.

Thank you SO much for sharing!!!

and I hope you end up being lucky, too!