Friday, August 22, 2008


Things are slowly returning to normal around here. My school was back in session, and amazingly, most of the kids were back. Usually they protest and stay home until public school starts up again. I was missing one or two from each class, apparently flooded in still, or dealing with the flood clean-up. We had "chapel" in our individual rooms as the auditorium was flooded and they had to remove the first three rows of pews. There is something highly ironic about me trying to lead a chapel service. I guess it says something about that credibility I have established with my students that I can do something so out of character for me and still get away with it. We shared our stories, and of the ones that were there today, the most trouble anyone reported was having to mop up a little water with a towel. I'm sure the stories of the absent students will be very different. Academically it was a perfectly normal day. We reviewed the metric system in Chemistry and did library research for Forensics. All in all it was a very typical and average. What a nice change!
My little guys were home for one more day, and we were lucky enough to get their favorite sitter. She loves to play Pokemon with Ryan and gives Sydney horsie rides until they are both exhausted. It is still raining on and off most of the time, but the "squalls" seem to be getting further and further apart. We went to CiCi's for lunch and everyone is upstairs now, passed out from cumulative exhaustion.
I think that is my signal to sneak into my sewing room and finish up the last bit on a batch of geese that used up my scraps from the border segments. I need to do some string quilts or something to use up the rest of the shirt segments. The textures and weights are all so different that I don't want to intermingle them in with the rest of my scrap stash. It might be a little strange to start a segregated scrap collection. OK, maybe that would be a lot strange.

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Quilt Pixie said...

thrown on a foundation they'll mix right in! A few crumb or string blocks do sound in order...