Saturday, August 30, 2008

Old Hurricane Road

There isn't any tobacco around here except at the 7-11, but hurricanes seem to be on everyones mind, so maybe I'll call this one Old Hurricane Road. Fall is that time of the year for us. I wasn't going to do the mystery this weekend, because we were supposed to be out of town. Plans changed, but I still wasn't going to do it, because I don't have much for fall hued tones in my stash. Then I remembered a beautiful bundle of fat quarters that my mom got me for Christmas last year which I've been saving for something special. It was blue, red and white with a patriotic theme, but in dusky sorts of shades. I pulled some more greens and some purples, and I should have enough choices to keep my options open. I was a little worried that I didn't have any brown and thought about using the red there, but then I remembered a packet of 10 inch charms that I ordered with teal and brown. The teal part looks a little lonely now, but I pulled several browns out. I already had plenty of 4 patches for the first step, but I'm thinking of making more so I can use a more color controlled palate. Four patches come together so quick, and then I can use these for the Irish chain that I have kind of started. While I can tell myself that I don't need a new project, my last two mystery quilts were finished and bound while other UFO's sat waiting.
I got up early to run this morning, I need to do lots of laundry today, and grade some papers for school, other than that I should be able to do a little sewing.

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Amy (lilme2_99) said...

Glad to see you ran, and yet hopefully were able to get some sewing in. I LOVE the color palette you have laid out!!! Those purples and greens are great! Can't wait to see how you put them to use in the OTR (and I'm with you with the "not really sure WHY I'm doing this since I have so many other UFO's laying around".....)
:0) But I love her mysteries and I'm sure this one will be just as great as the other two.